This Is Not a Post About Church — It’s About Target.

So hi.

I had this big long post all typed up for y’all about the church drama aftermath, but I forgot to save it.

Just kidding. Jesus saves my soul, and I save all my writing just about every other sentence. The truth is that it’s long and messy and super sad and I’m trying really hard to have a positive attitude and not get trapped in the quagmire of crap surrounding this particular situation.

There’s more to life than that. Which is why I use words like quagmire — because that’s seriously a great word.

So I’ll tell you that Leif, to his credit, has decided to take the girls to church elsewhere on his Sundays.

And that’s all I have to say about that, because a dead horse is not worth beating.

Now onto more interesting things — like shopping at Target.

You may or may not have heard, but I’m a single mom now. And single moms aren’t exactly rolling in dough. Also, I’m the one that moved out, and I took very little with me. So now I have this mostly empty house that needs some stuff.

The girls took care of the lack of a dining table by turning the dining room into a campground. Done. And they have beds, I bought a couple cheap couches, and there are stools at the kitchen counter. We’re making do, and honestly, I’m enjoying the minimalist lifestyle for a bit. Cleaning is much easier this way.

But I really wanted some backyard furniture. The girly girls have been loving having a yard after years of condo-living, plus I’m one of those I-love-nature girls, so I’ve been wanting a place to park my rear that wasn’t the retaining wall or the plastic child-sized picnic table my parents let us nick from their house.

Enter Target. I took the girls to get some sunscreen, a kiddie pool, and a box-o-wine, and looked up to see this:


And then I saw this:

Which led to this:

But then on the way to the register, I saw these!

And this:

And so with one hand pushing the loaded cart, the other carrying one stool, Thing 1 diligently carrying the other, and Thing 2 dancing along backward behind us, we made our way to the register.

The lady took one look at us and asked, “Would you like some help out today?”

Yes. Yes I would, thank you.

Then this happened:

And that, my friends, is Target done like a boss.

In Minneapolis

I’m in the Midwest again (yay!), this time in Minneapolis for AFP’s Right Online. Hey Koch Brothers – if you’re reading, can you do it in Vegas again? Because Vegas is like, totally awesome.

I have to say though; my first trip to Minnesota is not disappointing. For example, did you know that Target was born here? A couple blocks from my hotel, I noticed this huge Target store. There were three stories. THREE STORIES OF TARGET. I’m going to go later and pick up Ziplock bags and detergent, because we’re out of those.

Wait. I’m in Minnesota.

Maybe I’ll wait until I’m home.

But I will visit this three story Target. Check my Twitter page for TwitPics later!

I’ll probably be using the hashtag #epic.

Oh wait. I’m totally here to like work or something. I told the people planning this thing I’d be happy to help out in any way they needed, so they put me on a podcasting panel. With Ed Morrissey.

Here’s the thing. Ed is seriously one of the nicest, most down-to-earth people I’ve ever met in this strange little blogging world. He’s also one of the smartest, most on the ball people ever. So I’m supposed to sound smart or something about podcasting, while standing next to Ed in a roomful of people.

I’m a bit skeered.

I’m going to run to the Target Mecca afterward.

PS- there are a LOT of lakes here. Maybe even 10,000.