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Stacy McCain Flanked By Cute Chicks (What a Smile!)

My 27th Birthday started with a bang, in a hotel room in Redondo Beach, with the guys from Big Government, Stacy McCain, and my good friend Brittany Cohan all singing me Happy Birthday as the clock struck midnight. Then we watched Red Eye, where we all witnessed the hideous gloriousness of the Shake Weight commercial for the first time.

Happy birthday to me.

Now that I’ve set that all up, I know you want to hear the story.

Back before Brittany became a RINO DC-insider working for the man RNC, she lived an hour up the road from me in Irvine. Our birthdays are two weeks apart, so for mine I was driving to her and she was taking me out, and for hers, we switched. I had plans to go up to Irvine on January 6th, the day before my actual birthday.

That morning, Brittany called me and asked if I wanted to go to LA with her instead of just Irvine. That’s twice as long, Chica, what could possibly be in LA worth driving to?

“The guys from Big Government are going to be there. I got an invite. Andrew Breitbart might show up.”

Done and gone.

I was blogging away about politics at that point, but back then it was still a hobby and not a career. So this was a freaking big deal to me. I knew I had to make connections with people to get them to notice my stuff, and I just hoped that it was good enough to muster up.

You know my philosophy: Do good work and put it where people can see it.

Brittany and I went out to dinner in Irvine before heading up to Redondo, and I don’t remember what I had, except that it was delicious and I’m pretty sure it involved polenta. And wine. (I am who I am)

We headed up the 405, and met up with Stacy and a handful of others at some kitschy chain diner place. We sat and chatted with everyone, did the nice-to-meet-yous and the what-do-you-dos. Then we got kicked out of the restaurant because for some reason the employees wanted to go home after something called ‘closing time.’

So we hightailed it back to the hotel where this crowd was staying, and proceeded to occupy the bar. This is where Stacy made this embarrassingly awesome video of me saying, “Roll Tide!” which I’m fairly certain has something to do with college football. I mean, they were all there for the Rose Bowl. Did the Roll Tide team play in 2010? How many people reading this right now are rubbing their temples? Sorry people, I wear many hats, but sports enthusiast ain’t one of them.

Andrew never showed up, but I was having so much fun with these people that it didn’t matter too much. At one point, I was having this great conversation with some dude; I don’t remember what we were talking about, but he was wicked smart, funny as heck, and he laughed at my dumb jokes like he meant it.

“So how do you fit in with this group?” I asked him.

“Oh, I’m the Editor-in-Chief of Big Government.” He said like it was no big deal.

Ack! Be smart! Be cute! Be clever! Oh eff it, he seems like a nice guy and I’m having a blast.

For some insane reason, the hotel bar closed before midnight, but that doesn’t stop can-do individuals. We just moved the whole party to one of their hotel rooms and broke out the whiskey. And turned Fox News on in the background. That’s how conservatives party.

When Red Eye switched on, someone said, “Hey, is it midnight? It’s Jenny’s birthday! Let’s sing!” At that point everyone was singing, including the freaking editor-in-chief of Big Government (one of my favorite websites), someone was pouring me another drink, Brittany and I were having a ball, and I was generally feeling pretty fantastic about life.

And then.

The Shake Weight commercial came on, and I don’t know if it was the first time it ever ran, or it was just the first time any of us had seen it, but it was the big giant bow on top of my birthday present.

It was an awesome night.