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Top 7 for the Week of January 27th

This week, Ashley and I talked about:

  1. The State of the Union
  2. More Solyndra and Green Energy Fail
  3. Death Row Inmate Mocks Taxpayers
  4. Who’s the Racist Now?
  5. The Power of the Private Sector (in Vegas!)
  6. Rand Paul and the TSA
  7. French Elle, Michelle Obama, and Fashion in the African-American Community
Plus we have a rant, a dirty joke from Eli, and our Dude of the Week.
Happy listening!

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I wrote some stuff that I didn’t write here.  You should take a gander, or at least click on the links, because let’s face it, I have no way of knowing what you’re doing over there on your side of the computer. And that might be a good thing.


President Obama unveils his plan to create jobs. It goes something like this: “Because I said so!” Yeah, that’ll work. is born. Republicans die laughing.

The Solydra Scam continues to unravel…

Is anyone else getting sick of hearing the phrase ‘fair share’? You know who should pay their fair share? The 47% of Americans that don’t pay federal taxes.

The food police almost ruined my daughter’s birthday dinner. Thankfully, Daddy shared extra fries with the birthday girl.

Have you picked a GOP candidate to back yet? I haven’t. But I’ve narrowed it down.

I went to a training session on citizen journalism when I was in Florida. I learned some stuff. I shared it with you.

Over on Big Hollywood, I started writing a weekly Glee report. Because I will take any opportunity to do something fun and call it ‘work.’ The first and second installments are up for your reading pleasure.

Happy clicking reading!