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I can barely believe it myself, but here is a Roundup post! I know, right? It hasn’t even been a whole month yet. I am hoping to make these weekly things, so that by the time I link you guys to something, it’s not horrendously out of date. For instance, it’s hardly news now that Texas Governor Rick Perry has entered the presidential race. But two months ago, it was big news!


I wrote some stuff last week that you should read. Then go tell your friends! Word of mouth is the best advertising, y’all.

Writing about Sharia is always fun. I get the best most interesting comments. Usually along the lines of me being a hater or Islamaphobe or something. I roll my eyes. Of course I’m a hater of any doctrine that instructs people to kill a rape victim for sexual impurity. In this particular case though, I give props to a young lady’s family for defying convention and not murdering their daughter.

Attorney General Eric Holder is either a liar or he’s incompetent. The end.

I wrote about the importance of strong missile defense in America. Here’s the bottom line: It’s mega important.

Some have likened the Occupy Wall Street squatters to the Tea Party. Hahahahahahaha! ~deep breath~ Hahahahahahahaha! Yeah, not so much.

The latest round of Obamacare mandates are guaranteed to raise the cost of health care. Who cares if the care is crappy as long as everyone gets has to wait six months for it?

And there’s the Week 3 Recap for Glee. The show wasn’t that bad (politically speaking) last week.

Happy reading!

Bullying of Muslim Girls at Home and Abroad

A 12-year-old Staten Island boy has been charged with assault as ahate crime for taunting, beating up on, and attempting to rip the headscarf off of a female classmate. Osman Daramy and an unnamed accomplice demanded to know if the girl was Muslim, and when she told them to leave her alone, he punched and kicked her.

The attacks continued for months, until the girl had enough and reported the abuse to the assistant principal of her school, who then reported it to the police. The underage troublemaker is being held without bail for a third-degree assault as a hate crime. In addition to his abuse of this girl, Osman apparently enjoyed treating his peers like garbage — he’s already been suspended three times this year, and just this week cut a chunk of hair off another female classmate’s head.

Osman’s father, Frank Davies, claims his son is a victim, and that ‘they’ are out to get him because he himself is a Muslim and African-American. It couldn’t possibly have anything to do with the kid’s malicious and hateful treatment of his peers.

The adolescent hooligan is being held without bail, and due to his juvenile status, the case will be handled in Family Court.

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