In Other News, I’m Moving to Boston Today

72 hours ago, I got a phone call from Romney HQ in Boston, asking me if I would please join the team on site as a copywriter. Right now, I’m sitting in the San Diego airport with a one way ticket to Massachusetts, waiting to board my flight.

So that’s what’s going on in my life.

It all started a couple of weeks ago in Tampa at the Republican National Convention. I guess you could say it started four years ago when Obama got elected, and I committed to do everything I possibly could to make him a one term president, but I’ll just recap this latest development because that’s what’s interesting at the moment.

In Tampa, I got to meet up with a lot of cool people that work on the campaign, and whom I’d been doing some volunteer Twitter messaging for. It turns out they were even cooler in person than online, which always makes me happy because doesn’t it suck when people turn out to be duds in real life? Some people just come across better over the internet, I suppose.

Anyway, I met some people in Tampa, and started thinking about what I could do to help them. Writing. I’m good at the writing thing. I may have mentioned to some people that I’d love to jump in and help out.

Last week, I got a call asking if I was serious about a job, because they needed to hire a copywriter, stat. YES!! I could work remotely from California, right? Um, no. The job was in Boston, 3,000ish miles from home. Well so much for that.

I told Leif about it that night, in a sort of off-handed, wouldn’t that have been fun kind of way, and he looked at me and asked, “Why not?”

It’s an on-site job.


In Boston.


That’s in Massachusetts.

I’m aware of the geography.

I’d have to move there for two months.

Do you want to do this?

Yes! I mean — it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity. I’d miss you guys like crazy, and I’d worry about the girls, but when am I ever going to have another chance to help kick a Democrat incumbent out of the White House? Never, that’s when.

I think you should go for it.

*blink blink blink*

So I sent them my resume on Wednesday. Friday I heard that they were interested, and they’d be getting back to me soon. Sunday I got a call asking what I’d need financially to make it work. I gave them a number, they said yes, and hooked me up with a flight and a hotel for a few days.

Then there were 72 hours of mad phones calls and emails to family and friends, sitters and dog walkers, and short-term apartment rental agencies in Boston. There were dry-cleaning runs, tons of laundry and packing, list making and instructions for the care of the kiddos and the house. I grocery shopped, meal prepped, and cried as I hugged my mama and my local friends.

This morning I almost couldn’t let my girls go. Leif was trying to get them in the car to go school, and Thing 1 started sobbing. Thing 2 said, “Bye Mommy! Have fun at the airport! I love you!” I went inside and cried into my pillow. Thank goodness for FaceTime and Skype. And for my mom and dad, who are going to be taking care of them after school for me while Leif is at work.

And of course thank you to Leif, who is willing to let me move across the country to work on a presidential campaign. He’s kinda awesome.

Now let’s get this thing done and get Romney elected, so some of the 23 million people out of work right now can find a job too.


Top 7 for the Week of September 7, 2012

This week, Ashley and I had technical difficulties, and by that I mean that I spilled my drink all over my keyboard in the opening moments of the show. Live radio … gotta love it. Once we got everything figured out, we chatted about:

  1. The August Jobs Report (It Sucks)
  2. Democrats Say Radio Row Is Too Scary
  3. ‘Feel Good’ Sales Go Up In a Bad Economy
  4. Dirty Jobs‘ Mike Rowe Writes an Open Letter to Mitt Romney
  5. Football & Gay Marriage: Shut Up and Play, or Hollywood Does It All the Time?
  6. For Teenagers: Smoking OK, Prostitution Bad
  7. Nickelodeon’s Mega Twitter Fail & Even More Ridiculous “Apology”

Plus we have a dirty joke, a Dude of the Week, a guest rant, and no song because technology failed me today.

Happy listening!

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Eavesdropping on Jenny & Ashley August 27, 2012

Ashley and I chat about our friend Justin and the Republican National Convention, my appearance on HLN, and the irate drunk guy at the bachelorette party.

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Top 7 for the Week of August 24, 2012

This week, Ashley and I talked about:

  1. Winner of the Dumbest Article HuffPo or Anyone Has Ever Published
  2. The Republican National Convention To Host Conservatives & a Hurricane
  3. The Latest Front: War on Big Food
  4. Children Dream of Their Futures in Cronyism (And Solyndra Still Sucks)
  5. Debbie Wasserman Schultz Caught With Her Pants On Fire
  6. Party On! Carnival’s All You Can Drink Package
  7. The War on Drugs Lance Armstrong

Plus we have a rant, a dirty joke, and our Dude of the Week. Oh, and the greatest song to hit YouTube ever.

Happy listening!

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Elsewhere On the Internet

I’m full of suck the past week or two in keeping my eight readers over here updated on what I’ve posted elsewhere. So instead of linking each post directly, I’ll give you a summary here.

I wrote about the high gas prices and what kinds of things we’ve had to sacrifice to balance our budgets. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just steal from our kids, like the U.S. government does?

Ben Shapiro has a scandalous new book out detailing what we conservatives have known all along: Hollywood is unfailing, unapologetically liberal. Ben donned his Harvard baseball cap for his interviews with Hollywood power players, and assuming he was one of them, they let loose with the truth of how much they hate conservatism.

In my most controversial piece recently, I dared to ask the question of whether or not breastfeeding should be a right or a privilege in a private establishment open to the public. Because  of this, I either don’t have children or I hate them. Also, what’s wrong with me not wanting to see someone’s breast hanging out of her shirt while her toddler dines away while she walks down the aisle at Target? Breastfeeding is beautiful! Yeah, well so is sex between a husband and wife, but no one needs to see that either. By the way, this is my most commented-on article ever, with close to 600 replies. Go me. :-)

Because I’m obviously a racist (insert eyeroll here), I wrote about President Obama and his diet. Frankly, I don’t care that the man eats crap and smokes like a chimney. But I can’t take his wife seriously when she espouses the importance of healthy eating. If it’s so gosh darn important, why can’t she get her husband to eat better?

And in shocking yet hopefully optimistic news, I wrote about RNC Chairman Reince Priebus reaching out to bloggers to help restore trust and credibility with the Republican Party.

Phew! Happy reading. :-)