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Mercury. Almost as bad as falling whales.

Last night I went super undercover to infiltrate a crowd of Netroots people at a bar in downtown Minneapolis. Netroots is like RightOnline, except totally not as cool, because while we have people like S.E. Cupp and Michelle Malkin, they have Al Franken.

So there you go.

Anyway, my friend Dave Spady dragged me invited me to chat with some of our lefty counterparts wearing pink womyn shirts and saving the children from whales and trees falling on them and stuff. Because if a whale falls you, you’ll probably die. Plus it would hurt.

So in we went, where we met up with this guy named Daniel from LA. That’s Lower Arkansas, not Los Angeles, in case you were wondering, which is strange to me since I wasn’t aware that Arkansas had an upper and a lower. As you’ve probably guessed, being from LA and not LA, Daniel is on our team.

The Planned Parenthood chick from DC? Not so much. Can’t get more left than that. Unless you’re an African-Chinese- American lesbian, and while DC Chick may have loved her some girl love, she was definitely a white girl. We did talk about race though, since it was a liberal event, so it was either that or dead babies fetuses.

DC Chick decided to reference The Shawshank Redemption, which happens to be one of my all-time favorite movies. Seriously, I could probably quote the whole thing. I. Freaking. Love. It. Anyway, DC Chick brought it up for some reason or another that I’m sure made sense her head but not in reality.

“You know that … that … black guy in that movie? He’s like black and stuff. You know, the black one? What’s his name?”

“Morgan Freeman?”

“Yeah! He’s so black! And it’s so weird because I shouldn’t call him black, but you HAVE TO categorize people. You just do.”

And there you go. Conservatives see people, and liberals see voter blocks.

Thanks DC Chick, for your prodigious insight into the liberal mind. It was quite a trip.

This weekend, Americans for Prosperity will be holding a regional RightOnline training seminar right here in my beautiful San Diego.

Join Americans for Prosperity Foundation for our regional RightOnline training seminar on January 28-29th at the San Diego Marriott Gaslamp Quarter. The training seminar will bring together an impressive lineup of America’s leading experts in new media, grassroots mobilization, and public policy for cutting edge training in online activism.

We’ll be joined by Conservative Commentator Andrew Breitbart, Talk Radio Host Roger Hedgecock, Fox News Contributor Stephen Kruiser, Conservative Blogger and Radio Host Ed Morrissey, and many other leading conservative voices.

Guess who one of those ‘leading conservative voices’ is? Some chick named Jenny Erikson. Hey, that’s me! I’ll be running a Social Media 101 session with guru James Hickey on Saturday morning from 10:00-10:45.

Tickets for the whole event (Friday evening through Saturday evening) are still available and only $40. Click here to find out more, and I hope to see you there!

PS- If you’ve never been to one of these, they are super fantastically fun.

PPS- Trust me, I know most of these people. They are not boring.

PPPs- One of them even has a mohawk. That is definitely not boring. Not even a little.