The Problem with Abortion

I am pro-choice. I am also pro-life. I know that on the surface, these two things don’t seem to be able to coexist, so let me clarify. I am pro-choice to that extent that a person should have the ability to choose how he or she acts, so long as it doesn’t infringe upon the rights of others.

I cannot steal, because it takes away another person’s right to own property. I am pro-life because abortion takes away a human being’s most basic right of all — the right to life.

I feel confident that most people in the United States agree that people not convicted of heinous crimes don’t deserve to have their lives cut short. The end of a life is tragic, and the premature ending of one is even sadder. The death of a child? Well, has anyone ever gotten through My Girl without at least half a box of tissues?

Yet somehow, abortion rights supporters have misled many people to believe that a fetus isn’t a human being. Dead babies are sad, yet dead unborn babies are to be worn like a badge of honor.

I read two stories on The Stir this week that made me ponder why more people don’t ponder more when that right to life begins.

The first story was the tragic tale of a newborn baby flushed down an airplane toilet. The second was a review of the TV show Friday Night Lights, in which a teenage girl gets herself pregnant by choosing to have sex, and then decides to have an abortion rather than facing the challenges God gives her as a direct result of her own actions.

The problem with abortion is that it’s impossible to figure out where the line of life is.

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