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If Thing 2 were here, she’d say, “I on dah airplane!” Because that’s where she would be. Isn’t technology cool? I’m zipping through the sky right now on my way home from the Red State Gathering in Charleston, SC, and I’m posting stuff on my blog. Wonders never cease.

Also? I’m easily amused.

So I wrote some schtuff last week, and I’ll love you forever if you read it all. Or at least I’ll feel amicably toward you. I may even give you a hug next time I see you. I’ll probably give you a hug anyway. I’m one of those people.

Why make laws if they’re not going to be enforced? Even more so, why make laws that only some people have to follow? Way no fair!

The United States’ credit rating got downgraded. Does it mater? Maybe.

30,000 college students in Michigan were on food stamps. And I’m sure none of them had cell phones. Gah.

And lastly, but certainly not leastly (apparently that’s not a word – oh well), Rick Perry formally announced his candidacy for President. Finally something exciting for the Republican primary field!

Happy reading!

Just chillin' with Governor Rick Perry

I was at the RedState Gathering last September, having a grand ol’ time with online activist friends. It was a last-minute decision to even attend, but it was one that I was glad I’d made. I had an awesome story about hotel room confusion, I got to hang out with Ashley Sewell, and I was drinking free margaritas at an event sponsored by Governor Rick Perry.

It was a good time.

So, I was at this cocktail party being thrown by the governor of Texas, and he was definitely the man of the hour. There was a photographer taking pictures, and a long line waiting to shake his hand and smile for the camera. I figured I’d have time to meet him later, so I didn’t crowd in.

Sure enough, about an hour later, I noticed the photographer flipping through her digital images, and Governor Perry standing behind her by his lonesome.  I sidled up to the photographer and asked, “Is it ok to say hi to the governor?”

“Sure!” she cheerfully responded.

So I walked right up to him and said, “Hi, I’m Jenny Erikson, and my husband said I could go on this trip on one condition – that I got to meet the governor of Texas. And that is you, Sir, so … hi!”

There was a moment where he just looked at me, and then he broke into an easy grin and said, “Well let’s give the man what he wants. Come ‘mere Sweetheart!” Then he wrapped his arm around me and asked his photographer to take a picture as photographic evidence for my hubby.

It was very cool.

Some time and a few rounds of margaritas later, Red State Head Honcho Erick Erickson took the stage to address the crowd. Now, sometimes (especially after a few drinks) people get a leetle bit handsy friendly at these events. I always deflect any untoward gestures politely but firmly, because … well because I really like Leif and polygamy’s not our style.

Anyway. Erick was addressing the crowd, and from behind, some dude just came up and casually put his arm around me. Feeling a little uncomfortable, I was about to shrug him off when I heard a familiar drawl, “That’s yer husband up there.”

Rick. Freaking. Perry. No wonder he’d been so nice to me earlier. He thought I was married to Erick. Not wanting him to continue in his disillusion, I giggled and turned to him, “Actually, he’s not my husband, but I do have a really funny story about a hotel room…”

“I’ve already heard it. And it is a great story,” he said with a wink before moving on.

So that totally happened.

Yesterday I was at the USS Midway for the Roger Hedgecock Show, where Rick Perry was to make an appearance. He didn’t have time to meet many people in the crowd, but he did walk right by me. And he stopped and saluted me. For reals. I totally think he remembered me.

At least that’s what I’m telling myself.

Rick Perry and Me

I met Rick Perry last night. The governor of Texas. It was very cool.

I saw him again today, and he said, and I quote, “Hey Jenny, good to see you again!”

Granted, I was wearing my name tag, but don’t take away this moment for me, mmkay?