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So this is late. I try to post these weekly round-ups on Sunday or Monday, depending on how my weekend goes, and it is now Wednesday night. So late on Wednesday night, in fact, that’s it’s actually Thursday morning on the East coast. What can I say? It’s summertime, which in Mom World is crazytime. The kids are home all day long. They are hungry all day long. They are bored all day long. Actually, kids in my house are never bored, or at least they never voice it, because if they do, they find themselves staring at toilet with a scrub brush in their hand. Nothing cures boredom quite like scrubbing a toilet!

And that’s the kind of mom I am. Interestingly, I just got off the phone with a single girlfriend, with whom I shared a story from the beach today. One of my kiddos was carelessly kicking sand on people, and needed to be corrected. “See?” She said, “This is why I can never have kids. I’d probably kick sand on them and ask, ‘How does that feel?’”

“Um … what do you think I did?”

And that’s the kind of mom I am. The kind of mom whose kids don’t carelessly kick sand on other people.

Anyway, I wrote some stuff last week! And you should totally click on it and maybe even read it. Otherwise you might find yourself staring a toilet with a scrub brush in your hand.

President Obama gave a little speech about the debt limit. It was riddled with blatant untruths. I narrowed down the top nine.

Speaking of President Obama, do you know that he signed a bill that authorized $50 million of your hard-earned money to put guns in the hands of dangerous Mexican drug lords? Because he totally did. Oh, and Attorney General Eric Holder lied about it.

I also mocked global warming scare tactics and possibly polar bears. Because polar bears would totally eat me, given the chance.

Happy reading!

Friends and Propaganda at the Zoo

Yesterday we met up with Jon and Angela Gabriel and their two lovely daughters at the San Diego Zoo. It was mega fun, and their seven-year-old declared that she wanted to take Thing 2 home with her for a sister. It was tres adorbs.

One of the must-sees on the girls’ list was the Polar Bear Plunge. Their nine-year-old is a bit of a nature buff, and she really wanted to see the polar bears. The Gabriels live near Phoenix, so it’s not like she’s going to be seeing them there. We made the trek, stopping along the way to check out giraffes and zebras and brokeback camels.



Brokeback Camel (See? I wasn't joking.)

We finally made it to the polar bears. Who were MIA. The zookeeper told Angela that if she spotted one, she was ahead of him. Sigh. But the exhibit is still pretty cool (get it? Cool? Polar bears? Ice? Never mind.), so the girls all had fun.

And of course I had to roll my eyes at this:

Commence eye-roll now

That other station to their left? Here’s what that one said:

"Polar bears had to wait longer than ever to set out to hunt, getting thinner as they waited."

Poor thin dead polar bears. I know! Let’s scare children into thinking they’re killing cuddly fuzzy wittle teddy bears by not living the green life.

I’m sure that won’t financially benefit Al Gore at all.

Thing 1 was concerned about the ice melting. “But what about the polar bears?” She asked me.

“They’ll adapt,” I told her.

“But what if they don’t?”

“Then they won’t. But wouldn’t you try your hardest to survive if your environment changed?”

She nodded.

Then she asked if we could go in the sky buckets.

She’s ADH-oh shiny!