Selective Abortion

I apologize in advance for this word vomit post. I just need to get it out.

I clicked on a link on Twitter this morning as Leif was driving me to the airport for the Red State thing. The person tweeting the link said that they were angry reading it, and as this chick is usually a very happy person, I wanted to see what could make her mad.

Oh boy. Did I get more than I bargained for. The link led to a story about a 45-year-old woman named Jenny (salt in the wound!) who was 14 weeks pregnant with twins after 6 years of fertility treatments. She decided to kill one of her perfectly formed, perfectly healthy babies, because she thought it would be too selfish for her to have twins in addition to her school-aged children.

What. The. Hell.

I cried. Well, to be honest, my eyes only watered, but it was sheer determination on my part, because I put on the black mascara today, and no way was I going to streak that stuff down my cheeks. But I did heave a couple of times.

14 weeks. This little child died at the hand of its mother, who paid a doctor to inject deadly poison into its tiny body and end its life just as it had barely begun.

And WHY? Because this woman didn’t want to ‘deal’ with twins? What did she think would happen with fertility treatments? Come on, everyone knows multiples are a common side effect of medically assisted pregnancies.

She says she didn’t want to be less of a mother to her older children. Well newsflash lady, if that’s your reasoning, you should have stopped at one. Of course bringing brand new humans into your home is going to disrupt the balance. But then things eventually settle down and you meld into something more. Your love for your children only grows, multiplied every time you witness a tender moment between siblings.

She said that even if she didn’t have older children, at best she could only dedicate half of her time to each baby, so they’d both be screwed out of half of her attention. What does she think of moms of multiples? That they don’t love their children as much, because love is apparently a pie with a limited number of servings?

Your love gets BIGGER with each child that you call your own. It is bottomless. It knows no bounds. It can walk across fire, lift cars … it would kill to protect our children.

And this woman knowingly and willingly killed the very child she hoped for for six long years of painful and embarrassing medical treatment. What does that say about her desire to procreate? It’s certainly not to be a mother. She clearly has no idea what being a mother means. She only has one pie.

And this poor surviving baby. I have never ever in my entire life heard of someone that shared a womb with another deny the special connection that that brings. There is something magical and wonderful about it; that sharing with another the first spark of life.

This poor kid is going to go through life just feeling that something is missing. And eventually he will find out what mommy did to his sibling. He will discover that the hole in his soul was supposed to be filled by his twin. And he will never look at his mother the same way.

And that is when she’ll finally understand the gravity of what she did.

God have mercy on her.

South Dakota Abortion Law Empowers Women With Information

new law in South Dakota would require women to wait three days after a physician assessment and attend a counseling session at a pregnancy care clinic before they can have an abortion. Like any law designed to enforce abortion providers to help women make educated decisions, this one is most likely in for a legal battle.

Why? Whether or not to have an abortion is one of the most monumental decisions a woman will ever make. Whatever the reasoning, circumstance, or political spin, the decision to have an abortion is the decision to end a life, and should not be taken lightly.

Planned Parenthood, one of the organizations protesting the new South Dakota law, is notorious for lying to women about the development of their fetuses. Seeing as how it’s the number one abortion provider in the country, it might be a good idea for women to get a second opinion from a pregnancy care center that will offer them more options than abortion.

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The Slippery Slope of Death

When you begin to devalue human life, where do you stop? When a fetus isn’t a person, is an infant a person? Princeton bioethicist Peter Singer doesn’t differentiate between the born and unborn, and proudly says that he’d kill a baby if it were in the best interest of the family. Eugenics, anyone?

At the other end of life is assisted suicide, which I vehemently oppose. I think Million Dollar Baby is the stupidest movie ever. If you haven’t seen it yet, don’t bother. The chick overcomes tremendous obstacles to become a champion, then becomes a quadriplegic. She begs her mentor to kill her, and in an “act of mercy” he does. It didn’t even make sense for the character. The girl who triumphs over every challenge that life throws at her is not going to give up on life because her body doesn’t work the way it used to.

God puts us somewhere because that’s where He wants us to be, and to play god is to tell Him that He’s wrong. Guess what? We don’t know everything. God does. This is why I never, ever pray for patience. I know that He will give me opportunities to learn it, and having very little to begin with, I don’t have the patience to learn patience.

I heard about Dignitas awhile ago and was appalled but not surprised. The Swiss clinic exists solely to kill people. Excuse me, I mean transition people gently from one side of life to the next. Bull hockey. Death is death is death is death, and it sucks. There may be a small amount of comfort in knowing that someone is in a better place, but really, our lives here are left with holes in them.

So Dignitas expedites the process of dying, leaving an emotional mess of a loved one behind. Rather than going on living, the death clinic is now trying to legalize assisted suicide for the brokenhearted relatives left behind after they helped kill off a beloved family member.

Swiss suicide clinic Dignitas has called for the healthy partners of chronically ill euthanasia patients to be allowed to kill themselves too.

Clinic head Ludwig Minelli has called for suicide drug cocktails to be made legally available to the heartbroken relatives who have just helped their loved ones end their own lives.

‘Relatives should also be allowed to have a prescription for suicide drugs even when they are not terminally ill,’ Minelli told Swiss newspaper Blick Sonntag.

The family suicide kits would be illegal under current Swiss law where assisted euthanasia is only legal for those suffering from terminal illness of incurable chronic medical conditions.

Is that sick and twisted or what? And here’s the problem I have with it: When we start devaluing human life, when does it end? Who gets to decide when a baby is a baby or when terminal is terminal? Who decides that someone in a vegetative state doesn’t want to go on living, even when her mere presence brings joy to others? Who decides when your life becomes inconvenient?

Why even head down that slippery slope?

Abortion Violates Civil Rights of Unborn

The right to do what you want with your own body.

This is the call of the pro-abortion crowd. Let the woman choose what to do with her body! It’s her right!

I’d like to make the case that by using the “my body, my choice” line, you’ve just given men the right to rape.

Just follow my logic, ok?

We all have rights. God given rights. In America, we have a government that protects those rights. In protecting each individual’s personal rights, sometimes there are restrictions imposed. For example, I have the right to own property, but not the right to steal it from someone else, because that infringes on that person’s right to the property which they have earned or been given.

Basically, any time you have two individuals, you have to navigate carefully where rights are concerned, and one person’s rights do not supersede another person’s rights.

That’s why it’s not cool to rape, murder, steal, plunder, etc.

There are more people involved than just a woman when an abortion takes place. Mother, father, and baby are all affected, and the choice of the mother infringes upon the father’s right to not have his kid’s life ended prematurely, and of course the baby’s most elemental right, the right to life is taken away.

The rights of the father and the child are completely obliterated by a woman’s right to “choose”. Why does a woman’s right in this arena supersede the rights of two other individuals?

In what other areas does a person have more freedom of choice than another person? Rape? When a man rapes a woman, he takes away her right to choose what to do with her own body. Why is her right to not be raped not sacrificed at his right to sexual satisfaction?

Why is a child’s right to live not more important than the mother’s desire to not be pregnant?

It seems that everyone has rights except for the more helpless population of all: The unborn.