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The vitriol spewed by many ‘news’ sources after the mass shooting in Tucson, Arizona, last Saturday has been pointless, political, and extremely uncalled for. A congresswoman was shot through the headand will probably never fully recover. Six people died, including a federal judge and a nine-year-old girl.

The Left came out swinging against their favorite target Sarah Palin, claiming that she has blood on her hands and that she caused the massacre. Apparently guns don’t kill people, metaphors do.

It wasn’t just Palin that the left accosted, but the Tea Party movementin general. Because, you know, Tea Partiers are so violent. That’s why there are always so many arrests at tea party rallies. (That was sarcasm, by the way. Tea Partiers may be crazy about Glenn Beck, but they’re not violent.)

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Grey’s Anatomy & Gun Control

Last night I finally sat down with Leif to watch the season finale of Grey’s Anatomy that has been lingering on our DVR for a week or so. I had heard it was an excellent episode, so I was looking forward to actually seeing it.

I was not disappointed. The action started about ten minutes in and didn’t stop for two hours. My heart pumped so much I’m pretty sure I got an excellent workout. And I went through an entire box of Kleenex.

Spoiler Alert

The episode revolved around a man that lost his wife a few episodes back. She was essentially brain dead, and she had signed papers stating that she didn’t want to live like that and the plug should be pulled. The chief of surgery (Derek) ordered the plug to be pulled, and the wife’s body died. But not after an emotional scene by the husband, who wanted her kept alive on machines, even with no chance of recovery.

So this dude got pissed. And in the finale, he came into the hospital and started shooting people. And pretty much didn’t stop for two hours.

The very last scene, he’s sitting with the gun pointed at one of the prominent characters of the series (Richard). The gunman then started rambling, as crazy people in season finales like to do, and he mentioned how he obtained the gun.

“I just went into Walmart and bought one,” he said. “Did you know you could buy guns at Walmart? There’s a whole section. Aisle six.”

Ok, obviously this guy never would’ve been able to kill people if evil Walmart didn’t sell guns. We obviously need some sort of gun control! Guns kill people!

Except that they don’t. Guns don’t kill people-crazy and/or evil people do.  Do you know what stops those people from killing? Good guys with guns.

It would have been a much different show if one of those people in the hospital had pulled a gun out and shot the crazy guy that was killing almost everyone in his line of vision. Who knows, maybe he wouldn’t even have come to the hospital to shoot it up if he knew the people there were armed.

Government regulations don’t stop bad guys from shooting and killing people. Good guys with guns do.