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Ezra Klein thinks conservatives are silly for trying to understand theConstitution. After all, it’s way too old to be relevant — over 100 years! In an appearance on MSNBC on Thursday morning, the Washington Post writer told host Norah O’Donnell that the Republican plan to open the 112thCongress with a reading of the Constitution was a gimmick. Furthermore, he said:

The issue of the Constitution is that the text is confusing because it was written more than 100 years ago and what people believe it says differs from person to person and differs depending on what they want to get done.

The Constitution is not confusing — Ezra Klein is confusing. The ‘issue of the Constitution’ is not that the language is confusing; it’s that people like Klein are so readily willing to disregard the parts of the U.S. Rulebook that they don’t like (like the Second Amendment) and make up parts to suit their own purposes (like the ‘right to privacy’). The issue is that there are people that believe that the Constitution is a binding document, an agreement among a nation of people that broke from tyranny and decided to give self-government a try, and other people that believe it’s a living, breathing document open to reinterpretation whenever the wind shifts direction.

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The Supreme Court upheld the Second Amendment right of all Americans to bear arms for the first time on Monday, while reviewing a restrictive handgun law in Chicago. The 5-4 ruling does not affect gun control measures outside of firearm bans.

Which means that there are four justices on the bench that would have Americans abandon the most valuable tool they possess in defending their liberty. The Second Amendment ensures that we keep all of the other amendments we’ve grown so fond of — like the freedom of speech or the right to a fair and timely trial.

After all, those in power won’t dare take away our God given, Constitution-protected rights so long as We the People have the ability to resist. What happens if the government takes away our right to vote, or our right to practice our own religions, if the law-abiding citizens have no guns? We can call the lawyers, but is anyone really afraid of lawyers?

Do you really want to have to trust the government that much? Or wouldn’t it be better to know that if a group of power-hungry people were to get in control, we’d have the ultimate ability to resist them if need be? As Americans, we get to make one last stand against tyranny, rather than submit or be killed.

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On Monday, President Obama announced his nomination of Elena Kaganfor the Supreme Court of the United States. Nine players sit on the bench of the highest court in the land, and they play for life. It’s a more powerful position than behind the desk in the Oval Office when you think about it.

Those nine justices interpret our laws and our Constitution, and the buck stops with them. Because it’s the highest court we have, there’s nowhere to go for an appeal. The process for overturning a Supreme Court decision is messy and sticky and basically next to impossible.

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