Town Hall Fail

About a month ago, just before the congressional August recess, I spent some time finding out what the representatives in my area felt about health care.  Even though I live on the left coast, there’s only one Representative in my county that is a supporter of HR 3200, the 1000+ page behemoth of a bill that would allow the government huge control in the medical field.  Representative Susan Davis, of California’s 53rd district, plans to vote yes on this bill.

Being adamantly opposed to this particular health care reform, I was looking forward to attending Susan Davis’s Town Hall Meeting, where she would be making a statement and taking questions about her support of the bill.  I had to search for a while, as the meeting was not listed on her website, but I finally found some information about a town hall meeting that she would be holding on health care reform, to take place August 29 at 1pm.  I put it on my calendar.

Silly-nilly me.  I should have known that with the difficulty of finding the information, along with the unwillingness of lefty elected officials being so disinclined to answer difficult questions (Barney Frank even asked one questioner, “On what planet do you spend most of your time?” and then proceeded to tell her that arguing with her would be “as pointless as arguing with the kitchen table.”) that the date might change.  I gave Susan Davis too much credit.  It never occurred to me that she would stealthily change the date of her town hall meeting regarding health care to two weeks prior than the date she originally gave.  Surely an elected official, someone that depends on the votes of their constituents, would not pull a switcheroo that would make it impossible for us protesters to express our opinions.

But that is exactly what happened.  Last night, I was preparing for my sojourn to a town hall meeting.  I checked my facts on health care, and wrote out some talking points on a 3×5 card so I wouldn’t get flustered by the hub-bub of it all. I laid out my clothes (not Brooks Brothers, just in case you were wondering), and I hoped online to check the address and get directions.  I searched Twitter to see if any of my local tweeps wanted to meet up.

On Twitter, I saw some weird comments about green jobs.  Huh.  I wondered what green jobs had to do with health care?  Maybe Cap and Tax, but health care?  With a sense of unrest, I pulled up Google and did a couple of searches.  And found out that Susan Davis had switched the topics and dates of her meetings.  When I did my original search last month, I saw that she had been planning to have a town hall meeting on green jobs earlier in the month, and a meeting on health care on August 29th.

I guess she decided to switch them around.  Leaving people like me SOL.  I don’t know about the rest of you, but I don’t have a time machine.  I can’t go back a few weeks and attend Susan Davis’s health care town hall meeting.

Here’s what I can do.  I can do it call her office (619-280-5353) and tell her how disappointed I am in her reluctance to openly discuss HR 3200 with citizens in her hometown.  I can write a blog post about her cowardice.  I can make a point to my readers: If this health care bill is such a great piece of legislation, why won’t those planning to vote for it talk to us about it?  Why don’t they answer our questions?  Why do some, like Barney Frank, flat out insult those that dare to question their government?  If a government option is going to lead to finer health care than the private industry provides, then why won’t one single Representative or Senator come out and promise that they will accept the public option for their own health care?

When did so many of our elected officials forget that they were not anointed or crowned as royalty, but elected as representatives?  They answer to us, the people that voted them in, and the people that have the power to vote them out.  They better start answering our questions.