The Mark Davis Show January 3, 2012

I was on The Mark Davis Show on WBAP this morning, and it was fabulous. Mark and I got connected a few weeks ago on Twitter through his producer Susan and my bff Ashley who are friends. Since we’re both in Iowa right now, Mark graciously invited me on his show, live in (a makeshift) studio.

We talked about how I got started in blogging and the beauty of the free market on the internet, moms in politics, and guns.

And since I’ve been asked a zillion times, yes, Mark Davis is one of Rush’s Marks.

Also I have the same birthday as Rush – January 7.

That should count for something.

I’m not sure what though.

Happy listening!

20120103_Mark Davis with Jenny Erikson

Jenny Erikson Radio Show is Back!

The Jenny Erikson Radio Show is coming back on the air at! I hope you’re half as excited as me about this! See how excited I am?? Look at all these exclamation marks!!!!!! Did I drill it home yet? I AM SO EXCITED TO BE BACK!!!

Thinking about it, I’ll be thrilled if you’re 1/10 as excited as myself. Because that’s still pretty dang excited.

The show has a new time – 11 p.m. Pacific on Tuesday nights, or 2 a.m. on Wednesday mornings. Now you have something to do while you wait for Red Eye to start. Well, on Tuesdays at least. I can’t help you the other days of the week. I might suggest you catch up on my posts (hint hint wink wink).

If you’re not a night owl like me, you can always catch the podcast the next day.

Tune in next Tuesday, February 8th, for an hour of fun and political chatter. Yes, the two mix. Don’t try to deny it. You might turn into a liberal if you lose your sense of humor.

If you didn’t think that was funny, you’re probably a liberal.

If the above sentence offended you, you’re definitely a liberal.

If you’re fuming right now … why are you still reading? It’s a free country. Go watch MSNBC. They need the ratings.

Jenny Erikson Radio Show – Episode 0001

Chuck DeVore and Nikki Haley join the show