New Nonpartisan Website Educates Moms About National Debt

I’ve been in Washington, D.C. this week with a group of ‘mom’ bloggers to promote a super cool new project called The whole political spectrum was represented, from the ultra conservative (yours truly) to the deep blue Momocrats, but we all had two things in common: Motherhood and a concern for the national debt. is a nonpartisan campaign with the goal of “educating mothers about important issues that will impact their children today and in the future.” The number-one issue on everyone’s mind right now (politicians and moms alike) is the national deficit and debt, and how to overcome it.

Out of control spending is one of the few topics that both political parties seem to be able to agree on these days. We can’t agree on how to balance the budget, but there’s no denying that it needs balancing. The beauty of is that it isn’t about the hows of balancing trillions of dollars as much as it is about bringing facts and information to moms so that they can develop their own informed opinions.

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DC Randomness

This morning, someone saying, “Oh sorry! I’ll come back later to clean your room!” woke me up instead of two small blonde girls saying, “I’m hungry; can you make us breakfast?” and “I ‘tarving!”

Also, I woke up in a hotel in Washington, D.C.

I’m here this week to promote, an online initiative to promote awareness among moms about the national debt. It’s all about the kids, man!

Seriously though, government spending is out of control. Our kids are going to have to pay this debt. Would you pass your credit card bill to your kids? That’s what Uncle Sam is doing to us. It’s simply not practical to financially support artists trying to discover themselves.

Surprisingly, every single person I’ve talked to in DC, no matter which side of the aisle, has said, “What a great cause! Our spending is out of control!” Granted, some people’s solution is to raise taxes … which we know from history doesn’t work. But still! At least people are paying attention to the issue, and understand that it’s a problem.

My phone battery is dead. I left my charger at Kevin Eder’s house. I was there last night with his lovely wife Molly, and a plethora of other cool people to watch my very first episode of Hoarders.

It was disgusting.

And riveting.

Here’s a picture of the hoard watching Hoarders!

Cool DC People (and me!)

And now I have to scramble to get ready because I just heard that my DC roomie Molly Teichman has landed! Someone had to g*chat me because my phone is dead. And I’ve been blogging instead of doing my makeup or putting on pants.

Over and out.