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Top 7 Is Back!

After a brief one-week hiatus due to the Red State Gathering last week, Ashley and I are back tomorrow to give you guys the highlights of the top 7 news stories of the week. We want you to sound super smart at this weekend’s get togethers, and we’re here to help.

Only there’s a change this week. We’re going live.

That’s right. Live internet radio, people. The kind that you can’t edit. The kind that makes me nervous that I’ll mess up. The kind that is super fun and makes me work harder to do a good job for you guys, because there is no safety net rewind button.

Check out Top 7 with Jenny & Ashley every Friday at 3pm Eastern/12pm Pacific on Blog Talk Radio!

(And try not to laugh too hard if we totally mess up tomorrow on our first live show.)

(Actually, go ahead and laugh. I know we will.)

So yesterday I was sitting and chatting with a fellow blogger, and since we both traveled to the Red State Gathering in Charleston, we started talking about airplanes. Yeah, traveling these days is a pain in the hiney, but once I’m sitting on the plane, I can get my laptop out and work my fingers off until the battery dies.

“Really?” My (single male) blogger friend asked me. “I just can’t work on planes. How do you do it?”

I laughed. Just like any work-at-home-mom would. Because the idea that we can sit somewhere for a few hours and just work, without getting up every few minutes to pour juice or wipe noses or break up sibling squabbles or make pbj’s for lunch and then telling your children they can choose to starve if they don’t want sandwiches … well it’s kinda amazing.

Working from home is a both a blessing and a curse. I get the best of both worlds. I’m home with my kids, to play with them, care for them, kiss their boo-boos, and make sure they practice the piano for twenty minutes a day. Yet I still have a job that I love, interesting and engaging people I get to interact with, and maybe the best part: A paycheck.

Of course the flipside to that is that I also have the downfalls of both worlds. Are my kids getting enough attention? Is my work good, or is it disjointed because I literally had to jump up 47 times in the course of writing a single 500-word article? Am I going to lose my ever lovin’ mind?

One of my favorite parts of my work is traveling. I really, really love business trips. Here are some of the reasons why:

1. The Peace I know it sounds crazy, since conferences and various meetings always seem to go a mile a minute, but to us moms, this pace is nothing compared to our everyday lives.

2. The Cool Factor What am I doing this week? Oh, just jetting off to South Carolina to chat with Governors Nikki Haley and Rick Perry. Did you hear Rick Perry might be our next president? Yup, I’ve met him before. We’re buds. Probably.

3. The Legitimization I have a real job, even though I don’t have a real office. I do not just sit and play on the internet all day. Ok, maybe I do, but that’s my actual job, people.

4. Maid Service That is all.

5. Face Time When you freelance, it’s important for people to remember your face, and more importantly, what you can do. Conversely, it’s good to connect with people that can help you grow professionally. I have contact info for dozens of experts in different fields that have saved me huge amounts of time in research by rattling off some resources for me just because I asked.

6. Eating Whatever I Want At home, I have to watch myself. And the bag of chips in the cupboard. And the ice cream in the freezer. And the block of pepper jack in the deli drawer. When I’m on a trip, opportunities for eating are few and far between, so when I finally do sit down to eat something; I don’t have to worry about the calories so much. You can eat a lot if you use your day’s worth in one shot.

7. Room Service See #4 and #6.

8. My Friends Due to the nature of my work, I have fabulous friends that live all over the nation. I don’t get to call up Ashley in Texas and see if she’s free next weekend for a girls’ night. But we got to lay out by the pool yesterday before the conference started in the evening. It was lovely.

9. Airports Where else can you have a beer and people-watch at 10am without any judgment?

10. Coming Home As much as I love traveling, there is something so sweet about coming home, with two little blond heads running full force toward me screaming, “MOMMY!!!!” And then there’s that guy I kinda like, the one I share my life with, the one that always picks up the house before I come home, the one that kisses me right there next to the baggage claim because he missed me so much that the regular PDA rules don’t apply.

So thanks, Red State, for hosting this annual gathering. I’m thrilled to be here.

The Big Announcement: Top 7 with Jenny & Ashley

Press Release


Conservative new media personalities Jenny Erikson and Ashley Sewell have teamed up with From the Right Radio to bring you a new show: Top 7 with Jenny & Ashley. The show will premiere Friday, August 5th, at 3p.m. Eastern/12p.m. Pacific on

Every Friday afternoon, Jenny and Ashley will bring you the Top 7 news stories of the week in an informative and fun fashion, so that you’ll know what you’re talking about at this weekend’s cocktail parties and barbeques. After an hour with the girls, you’ll be intellectually equipped with talking points, snarky one-liners, and potential solutions to sticky situations.

“Since its inception, From the Right Radio has been debunking the myth that conservatives are just a bunch of stuffy, old, white men,” says Ashley Sewell. “Top 7 with Jenny & Ashley is one more piece of evidence that conservatism can be sassy, relevant, and cute.”

Jenny has been blogging since 2008, and currently contributes to’s The Stir,, and Andrew Breitbart’s ‘Big’ sites. She also hosts The Jenny Erikson Show, Tuesday nights on FTR. She has appeared as a guest on The Roger Hedgecock Show, The Rick Amato Show, and is a regular on The Stage Right Show with Larry O’Connor. You can find her and her antics at

Ashley became involved in online activism in 2009 when she went up a tax bracket. She currently serves as the Director of Training for Smart Girl Politics, leading SGP101, a weekly online seminar designed to give activists the tools needed to get involved in the conservative movement. She also hosts The Texas Trendy Chick, Tuesday nights on FTR. She has contributed to Andrew Breitbart’s ‘Big’ sites, and can be found online at

“My hope for Top 7,” says Jenny, “is that everyone has as much fun listening to it as we’re going to have bringing it to you. Because if no one is having any fun … what’s the point?”

Tune into Top 7 with Jenny & Ashley this Friday at 3p.m. Eastern/12p.m. Pacific, only on

I wrote some schtuff last week. It’s super important that you read it. Or at least click on the links, even if you never get around to reading it because a small person asked for an 87th sippy cup of juice, or your boss walked in and you’re supposed to, like, actually work and not mess around reading political commentary on the Internet. Because the people that hire me won’t know you didn’t read it, they’ll just see page views. Help a free-lancer out, people!

Apparently people are getting themselves killed by Mexican drug cartels using American firearms. The idea was to follow the guns to the big bad drug lords, but the operation has gotten completely out of hand. Skeery stuff.

In crazy San Francisco news, the city wants to make ex-cons a protected class of citizens. I’m reminded of that scene from Liar Liar when Jim Carey yells into the phone to one of his scummy clients wanting legal advice, “STOP BREAKING LAW, ASSHOLE!

Should be removed from their homes and placed in foster care? I say no times a thousand. I love the first comment on this one: “Do you really have to make EVERY article about politics?” Um, yes. That’s what I do for a living.

I can even turn Glee into a political issue! I’m totally talented like that.

I was also on The Roger Hedgecock Show to talk about the debt ceiling. It was my first time on a nationally syndicated AM radio show, and I loved it. If you loved it too, tell your favorite radio host you’d like them to have me on. Seriously, if you demand, they’ll supply. I hope.

Have a great week!

Wowee wow wow! What a week! Leif turned 32, America turned 235, and someone got away with murder. In between celebrating, being glued to the news out of Florida, the beach with the kids, a mental meltdown, and no less than 47 cans of Coke Zero, I wrote some stuff. Which you should read. And pass along to your friends. Because my livelihood depends on it.

Of course I had to write about the Casey Anthony trial. Why do some people believe humans only have a right to life after they’re already born? I often ponder if abortion is age or location discrimination…

President Obama needs to shut up or put up about shared sacrifice. His staffers got significant raises. In other news, this week marked 800 days since the Democrats have passed a budget. I wish *I* could spend other people’s money on crap to make myself feel good.

And last but not least, teachers in Atlanta were caught in a huge cheater-cheater-pumpkin-eater scandal. Because nothing says I care about the kids quite like changing their answers on tests so your district won’t lose funding. Three words: School choice now.

Happy reading!

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Jenny Erikson Radio Show – Episode 0020

In which I talk to new media political guru Justin Hart and Florida law chick Sarah Rumpf.

Elsewhere on the Internet

I wrote some schtuff recently. You should read it. Because I like you. And yer purdy. And my self-worth is tied to the number of clicks I get. Or something.


I wrote about the zombie protestors at the Special Olympics event that Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker was speaking at. No wonder public support for unions is plummeting. Imbeciles.

Did you hear about Sarah Palin’s emails being released?? OMG, they were going to be so deliciously scandalous! Except the weren’t. They were pretty ordinary, actually. What is the media’s obsession with taking down Palin? It’s annoying.

ATMs killed the radio star economy. So says Barack Obama. In other news, indoor plumbing killed the chamber pot industry.

I wrote this article on middle school kids and sextionnaires on a plane. Air travel has nothing to do with the article. It just makes me sound fancy, so I thought I’d point it out.

And I was on a podcast talking about internet privacy.

Happy reading!

Jenny Erikson Radio Show – Episode 0017

In which I rant about the need to discuss Wiener’s wiener and about why and what we’re sacrificing to afford high gas prices.

Last Sunday, in honor of Mother’s Day, my friend Dana Loesch wrote a great piece on why she believes that motherhood is political. She says:

The nurture and protection of your children isn’t limited to monitoring their dietary needs, their educational needs, their emotional and spiritual well-being. I speak out because I don’t want my children saddled with debt. I don’t want my children’s generation to be the first generation that comes out of the gate with a lower standard of living because of our recklessness.

This pretty much echoes my thoughts on the matter. I feel like I owe it to my children to educate myself on Constitutional rights and limitations. I want others to love our country as much as I do and understand what makes it special. Like Dana, I want my kids to grow up in a phenomenal America, where if you can dream it, you can achieve it.

Working to protect the freedoms we enjoy in America flows seamlessly with our hopes and dreams for our children to be better off than we are. It makes perfect sense that moms are getting politically active, because we’re the ones with the most to lose: Our children’s future.

In response to Dana’s article, some chick piped up criticizing every mom in the country. Apparently, us mamas are not worthy to participate in politics because we choose to be a womb instead of study politics. Stay-at-home-moms are the absolute worst, because we’re lazy un-American do-nothings that leech off our partner’s salary.

Someone needs to call her mother and apologize.

This 23-year-old law school student has no idea what it means to be a mother. Our brains are not (completely) hijacked for 18 years when we give birth. We have every ability to read, listen, learn, write, and speak about any subject — including politics.

Motherhood and political activism are not mutually exclusive. It’s easier now than ever for moms to educate themselves and get involved with the conversation. Anyone with an Internet connection can find the Constitution online, download the text of laws like Obamacare, read the news, and find and share opinions on blogs.

Moms are awesome multitaskers. We take care of our kids, our husbands, and our homes. We learn new recipes, new technology (have you seen kids toys these days??), new stain-fighting tricks, and about the embalming techniques employed by the ancient Egyptians (that one might be just me).

We are smart enough to know that we can use sites like as a jumping off point in developing our political points-of-view. I love this site because of its straightforwardness on issues that will undoubtedly affect our children in the future. I love the encouragement to join Twitter or Facebook groups, where we can mingle with other moms over a virtual soda or glass of wine and share thoughts and even engage in friendly debate. I love that it makes me feel empowered, rather than inferior, to be a mom.

Motherhood is political. Anyone that’s ever navigated a playgroup or PTA meeting knows that.

Social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Andrew Breitbart’s Big sites (ahem, like the one you’re reading right now) have replaced the average news junky’s old school fixes of newsprint and the 5 o’clock news.

Why not? It’s a fast, easy, and mostly free way to communicate and share information. Anyone can contribute, and everyone else can choose to listen, watch, or read at will. It’s a beautiful free market system – anyone can try and anyone can buy.

The mainstream media has paid attention, and bloggers like Erick Erickson, Dana Loesch, and Andrew Breitbart himself are now regular media fixtures. They are informed, they have opinions, they share share them, and have gained a following. Media outlets saw the demand for their insight, and offered them CNN commentary jobs, radio hosting opportunities, and book deals.

Read the rest at Big Journalism