Twitter Fun & Creepiness with #ILikeObamacare & #Gen44

On Friday, I had a lot of fun on Twitter with the #ILikeObamacare hashtag initiated by Team Obama to celebrate the second anniversary of the passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare). As predicted, conservatives took over the thread, offering sarcastic reasons for why they liked Obamacare.

Here are some tweets that I sent out, just to give you a feeling for the game:

Because crappy care for all is better than excellent care for ANYONE willing to pay their bills. #ILikeObamacare

Because people w/ weight problems should have their care limited. Just like in Britain. #ILikeObamacare

#ILikeObamacare Because the DMV is AWESOME.

One of my favorite tweets I saw was from my friend Jon Gabriel, who said, #ILikeObamacare because a guy who can’t even protect a Twitter hashtag thread should be great at protecting my health.”

Then I got caught up in life getting ready for Thing 2’s birthday on Saturday, driving Thing 1 to and from a birthday party, and hosting an impromptu dinner party, because hey, why not?

Way too much fun was had at dinner Friday night, so I woke up with a fairly wicked hangover on Saturday morning. Whoops. All of my energy went into making Thing 2’s morning at the farmer’s market special, wrapping presents, and generally showering her with birthday love.

I finally hopped on Twitter yesterday evening to see what was going on, and I noticed a new hashtag flying by: #Gen44. So I asked my followers what the deal was, and they said it was the latest fail from Team Obama. I forced myself over to, where I learned that Gen44 is the under-40 demographic.

So what’s the deal with the 44?

Barack Obama is the 44th President of the United States. I felt slightly nauseated. So I tweeted, “I threw up in my mouth a little upon discovering that Obama has named my generation after himself. #gen44

Seriously, you guys, this is not cool. This dude is so egotistical and out of touch with reality that it’s kinda scary. Obama wants us under-40s to volunteer our time, efforts, and cash to “ensure that President Obama and Democrats have the resources and infrastructure needed to implement the change we believe in.”

A movement shouldn’t be about a leader; it should focus on a cause. How do we know what President Obama really feels or wants for our country? He is always saying one thing and doing another. No one knows where he stands on anything. Why would an entire generation place their faith and trust in one man, and even refer to themselves by his moniker?

What does the president mean when he says we need to ensure that he has the resources needed to bring about change? What kind of change? What happened to compromise, and all that across-the-aisle stuff they’re always touting? Is Obama saying that Gen44 needs to rally together to obliterate the Republicans? That sounds a bit totalitarian, if you ask me.

I am not comfortable handing over resources to one person so that they can ‘change things’ and ‘take care of me.’ I’d rather my president step back, rein in the government from interfering with my life and finances, and trust me to make the best decisions for myself and my family.

I am not Gen44. I am Generation Independent.

The Vicious Cycle of Ineptitude in Education

Our education system is a mess, and there is no one thing to blame. Which makes things difficult, because fixing something with several broken parts is more difficult than fixing something with only one or two breaks.

Teachers in Wisconsin have abandoned their classrooms to protest paying a small portion of their medical and retirement benefits to fix the state budget. In New York, teachers guilty of “excessive lateness or absence, sexual misconduct with a student, physical abuse, incompetence, or use of drugs or alcohol” are kept away from the students in rubber rooms, but kept on the payroll. Los Angeles teachers fight to keep their ratings from being publicized. Half the schools in Detroit are shutting down, putting the high school student to teacher ratio at sixty-to-one.

Meanwhile, our kids aren’t getting any smarter. The majority of our kids don’t have a solid grasp onscience, have trouble with history and social studies, and don’t have the math skills to compete on an international level.

And parents? Parents all want to believe their little darlings are the brightest, bestest, and prettiest of all, and any teacher that fails to recognize that must be incompetent. It seems that self-esteem is more important these days than an actual education.

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The Dumbest Commercials I’ve Ever Seen

Carl’s Jr.

I have never liked Carl’s Jr. commercials. No, I don’t want to watch someone disgustingly shove a burger in his face while the messy meal gets all over the place. There’s one in rotation right now that’s particularly annoying for another reason. Two pretty receptionists are sitting in a swanky office, eating Carl’s Jr. breaded chicken tenders. One asks the other, “So why did you leave your job at Carl’s Jr?” She replies that it was just too much work; they make you hand bread the chicken tenders! Meanwhile, the phone is ringing off the hook in the background. The receptions finally stare at it and say, “That is so annoying.”

What the heck? Is this what’s wrong with my generation, aka Generation Me? God forbid anyone actually lift a finger and take pride in their work, whether it be breading chicken, answering phones, or performing heart surgery. Sure, some jobs are more glamourous than others, but you can take pride in any work, because you are providing a product or service for someone that wants or needs it, and you’re providing for yourself.

I can guarantee you that a girl that is too lazy to bread chicken will never get a recommendation good enough to land a swanky office receptionist gig in today’s economy. Why even imply that it’s possible? Stupid commercial.

Nissan Leaf

This commercial for the new electric Leaf is a special kind of dumb. A polar bear climbs out of the Arctic waters and travels to Any Town, USA to give a big ol’ bear hug to the driver of a Nissan Leaf.

Obviously, the first thing wrong with this commercial is that polar bears don’t hug you. They kill you. And eat you. And not necessarily in that order. The second thing is that the commercial assumes that humans are responsible for climate change, which is a total crock. The third thing that bugs the heck out of me is the false idea that electric cars will actually be better for the environment than efficient fuel-powered vehicles. Sure, they use electricity instead of yucky gasoline, but think about where electricity comes from. Power plants. Over half the energy produced in our country is from coal. Dirty, dirty coal. If that polar bear really believed that carbon emissions were threatening his life, he should smack that dude for buying a coal-powered car instead of an efficient gasoline powered one.

Never mind. He’d do that no matter what. Because he’s a bear that kills and eats things.