Congressman Weiner Thinks Lib Girls Are ‘Sluts’

I’m in dire need of brain bleach after reading the Facebook chat transcript between Rep. Anthony Weiner and one of his online flings. I cringed. I cringed much.

There was one exchange that made my jaw drop. The two were talking about doing it doggie-style so that they could both watch The Daily Show (I’ll pass you the brain bleach when I’m done with it), and Weiner makes this comment:

i hear liberal girls are very, uh, accommodating of others

And the girl, haven just been effectively called a slut, floozy, harlot, hussy, tramp, strumpet, insert-derogatory-term-of-choice-for-woman-of-loose-morals-here, responds with:

of course!

The girl is obviously not the sharpest tack on the bulletin board. No wonder she votes Democrat.

P.S. Anthony Weiner, you’re a pig.

Motherhood and Political Activism Are Not Mutually Exclusive

Last Sunday, in honor of Mother’s Day, my friend Dana Loesch wrote a great piece on why she believes that motherhood is political. She says:

The nurture and protection of your children isn’t limited to monitoring their dietary needs, their educational needs, their emotional and spiritual well-being. I speak out because I don’t want my children saddled with debt. I don’t want my children’s generation to be the first generation that comes out of the gate with a lower standard of living because of our recklessness.

This pretty much echoes my thoughts on the matter. I feel like I owe it to my children to educate myself on Constitutional rights and limitations. I want others to love our country as much as I do and understand what makes it special. Like Dana, I want my kids to grow up in a phenomenal America, where if you can dream it, you can achieve it.

Working to protect the freedoms we enjoy in America flows seamlessly with our hopes and dreams for our children to be better off than we are. It makes perfect sense that moms are getting politically active, because we’re the ones with the most to lose: Our children’s future.

In response to Dana’s article, some chick piped up criticizing every mom in the country. Apparently, us mamas are not worthy to participate in politics because we choose to be a womb instead of study politics. Stay-at-home-moms are the absolute worst, because we’re lazy un-American do-nothings that leech off our partner’s salary.

Someone needs to call her mother and apologize.

This 23-year-old law school student has no idea what it means to be a mother. Our brains are not (completely) hijacked for 18 years when we give birth. We have every ability to read, listen, learn, write, and speak about any subject — including politics.

Motherhood and political activism are not mutually exclusive. It’s easier now than ever for moms to educate themselves and get involved with the conversation. Anyone with an Internet connection can find the Constitution online, download the text of laws like Obamacare, read the news, and find and share opinions on blogs.

Moms are awesome multitaskers. We take care of our kids, our husbands, and our homes. We learn new recipes, new technology (have you seen kids toys these days??), new stain-fighting tricks, and about the embalming techniques employed by the ancient Egyptians (that one might be just me).

We are smart enough to know that we can use sites like as a jumping off point in developing our political points-of-view. I love this site because of its straightforwardness on issues that will undoubtedly affect our children in the future. I love the encouragement to join Twitter or Facebook groups, where we can mingle with other moms over a virtual soda or glass of wine and share thoughts and even engage in friendly debate. I love that it makes me feel empowered, rather than inferior, to be a mom.

Motherhood is political. Anyone that’s ever navigated a playgroup or PTA meeting knows that.

The Smart Girl Report – Episode 0023

Jason Mattera discusses his new book Obama Zombies: How the Liberal Machine Brainwashed My Generation.

Tom Reed talks about his run for Congress in New York’s 29th district — the seat previously held by Eric Massa.

My Eyes are Glued on Massachusetts

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been watching in awe as Scott Brown has exploded onto the national scene.  To think it was just over a month ago that I first learned his name, scoffing at the irrelevance of it.  Why even have a special election for the Senate seat left vacant by Ted Kennedy’s death?  Seriously people, it’s Massachusetts.  Just give the thing to Democrat Martha Coakley.  But niceties (not to mention policies) must be observed, and if Scott Brown thought he had a shot at winning the thing, well more power to him.

The man hit the ground running.  He campaigned all over the state in his pick-up truck, winning over the electorate with his common sense approach to government and politics.  He took advantage of new media, establishing an online presence through sites like Facebook and Twitter.  He raised funds from all over the country using the slogan 41st Vote (He would break the Democrat 60-seat super majority in the Senate if elected).

Meanwhile, Coakley went on vacation.  And members of her staff pushed reporters down instead of answering questions.  And we’ve been learning all sorts of crazy things about her record as an Attorny in Massachusetts (which she can’t even spell, by the way). Things like releasing a man without bail after he raped his 22 month old toddler with a curling iron.  Or plea bargaining with a pedophile priest, allowing him to molest again.  You know, silly stuff like that.

Even with her soft spot for disgusting vile men who like to violate and irreparably harm children, there’s still a shot that she’ll get elected for her position on the health care bill currently making its rounds in Congress.  She says she’ll vote for it.  Scott Brown says he won’t vote for it.

Ms. Coakley failed to realize that her advantage might just be her downfall.  Massachusetts already has government health care.  And it’s not working.  And the voters know it.

So go forth, Massachusetts!  Go forth and vote for the man that will kill the health care bill that will do nothing but hurt our country’s prosperity!  We’re counting on you.

Garbage From the Crazy Right?

The Secret Service is investigating a poll posted on Facebook recently.  The poll asked: “Should Obama be killed?” The possible answers were “no,” “maybe,” yes,” and “yes if he cuts my health care.”

Bob Beckel, one of my favorite love-to-hate liberals, came out swinging against the person responsible for the poll, demanding that he or she be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

“This is the kind of garbage that’s generated from the extreme right against Obama, and it’s going way over the line…It’s got to be stopped. Find him, prosecute him and put him in jail…If they don’t like what Obama is doing, then maybe they ought to go out and vote for someone else.  But relying on this kind of attack is un-American and unacceptable.”

Those of us on the right apparently just can’t help ourselves sometimes.  We’re so full of angry hate and hateful anger that we do things like throw bricks and sticks at cops while we’re protesting.  Wait, those were liberal, anti-capitalist protesters?

Well, it’s those Fox News Channel worshipers that bring posters to rallies depicting President Obama as Hitler.  Or was it the fringe group La Rouche, which advocates a single-payer health care system (not exactly a right-wing position)? At least we never saw Bush-as-Hitler propaganda from liberals during the eight years he served as our President.  Nope.  Never.  Not once. Ok, maybe once or twice…

Who killed Dr. Tiller, the man who preformed partial birth abortions on babies that would have most likely survived outside of the womb?  That one HAS to be a right winger.  Definitely a crazy, anti-choice, right-wing extremist.  Or maybe accused gunman Scott Roeder was a nut job that refused to pay taxes, believed himself to be above the law, and was clearly not associated with either liberals or conservatives?

Was it former Republican President George W. Bush that called everyone who disagreed with his politics racists and accused them of being part of a conspiracy?  Or was it former Democratic Presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton?  These things are so hard to keep track of, you know.

If the Secret Service ever finds the person that posted the “Obama death poll” on Facebook, I would like to politely ask Mr. Beckel to apologize for associating him or her with the right-wing.  Because I can speculate with some confidence that that person is NOT a right-winger.  After he apologizes, maybe Mr. Beckel can point out some instances of the “garbage that’s generated from the extreme right against Obama,” because I sure can’t find it.  All I can find are concerned citizens that are finally speaking up for themselves and the welfare of our country.  They had the audacity to ask Congress to reign in the spending of money that we don’t have.  Some of those crazy right-wingers actually asked their congressmen to read the bills on their desk before they signed them!  The horror!

Questioning our representatives is not garbage.  Holding our elected officials accountable is not garbage.  Attending peaceful protests, town hall meetings, or city council meetings is not garbage.  Don’t let anyone tell you that it is.