Top 7 for the Week of July 20th

This week, Ashley and I talked about:

  1. Holy Massacre at the Movies, Batman
  2. Syria: The United States will act outside the UN to confront Assad
  3. Obama Tells Bob the Builder: You Didn’t Build That
  4. S-E-X
  5. The Olympics: Will Anything Ever Go Right?
  6. Higher Education … Online?
  7. Obama’s War on Jobs Not Good for Fundraising

Plus we have a joke, a rant, and a Dude of the Week. Also, we have a caption contest going on over at Facebook. Go enter now for your chance to win a $25 Chipotle gift card. Winner will be announced during next week’s show.

Happy listening!

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Top 7 for the Week of July 13th

This week, Ashley and I talked about:

  1. V.P. Speculation: The Political Junkie’s Christmas in July
  2. Jesse Jackson Jr. Being Treated for Mood Disorder
  3. Speaking of Clinical Depression and a Drinking Problem, Let’s Talk About American Idol
  4. Forbes’ Porn Beat … Because That’s a Thing
  5. Western Nevada Academia Makes The Case For Trade School
  6. The Democratic Playbook and the Abortion Debate
  7. The Olympics Are Almost Here! (And It’s a Mess.)

Plus we have a dirty joke, a rant, and a Dude of the Week.

Happy listening!

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Top 7 for the Week of June 29th

This week, Ashley and I talked about:

  1. Obamacare ObamaTax
  2. Eric Holder: Attorney General Fail
  3. Another Government’Backed Solar Company Bites the Dust
  4. DC Schools Prove Money Doesn’t Fix What’s Broke
  5. NAACP: Poor People Are Too Dumb To Make Their Own Choices
  6. Google Cookies Diss Your Privacy
  7. Food Stamps Are Fun! (And Make You Pretty)

Plus we have a rant, a Dude of the Week, and a dirty joke guaranteed to make you laugh.

Happy listening!

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Top 7 for the Week of April 13

This week, and I talked about:

  1. Texas Christian School Fires Pregnant, Unmarried Woman
  2. Ann Romney, The Non-Working Mother
  3. Viva Las Vegas with the Hangover Mobile
  4. North Korea Suffers Rocketile Dysfunction
  5. Class Warfare and ‘Demeaning’ Jobs
  6. Made in America: Cutting-Edge Warship Built in Maine
  7. Taxes! And Then More Taxes.

Plus we have a song, a rant, a dirty joke, and an amazing Dude of the Week.

Happy listening!

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Top 7 for the Week of March 23rd

This week, and I talked about:

  1. The Progressive’s Art of Lying
  2. Public School Propaganda
  3. Whitney Houston’s Autopsy Report
  4. Illegal Immigrants Are Now a Protected Class
  5. The Texas Public Policy Foundation’s New Site
  6. Trayvon Martin … What Really Happened?
  7. March Madness (Where I get schooled by Ashley on sports)

Plus we have a dirty joke, a fun song (I <3 Train!), and an unconventional Dude of the Week.

Happy listening!

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Elsewhere on the Internet…

Only one day late! I’m off to a great start bringing back these round-up posts, huh? Sometimes I impress myself with my timeliness. That’s my plan to live forever, actually … just be perpetually late for death.

I think it’s a great plan. I’ll let you know how it goes. In about 500 years.

Here’s the stuff I wrote on teh internets that wasn’t here:

This Week at The Stir

Was Clint Eastwood’s Halftime in America Super Bowl about politics? I say yes. You’re shocked, I know.

Get yer tinfoil hats ready, I’m talking about drones coming to the private sector.

This Week at Moms Matter

Which candidate do I support over Obama? The Republican.

It is past time for the Department of Education to go.


Happy Reading!

Elsewhere on the Internet

I wrote some schtuff recently. You should go read it, because I love my readers and my editors enjoy the web traffic. See? Everyone is happy! Well, except for my liberal friends that don’t like to be reminded of my conservative leanings. So you guys are excused from reading. Except that you really should read, because it will help you to see another perspective.

Perspective is good, people.

I went to Las Vegas last week with a $51 Spirit Airlines ticket. After purchasing said ticket, I found out about the $35 fee for overhead bin usage. Each way. Needless to say, I packed everything into a bag that fit under the seat in front of me. Viva la capitalism!

President Obama is fear mongering again, trying to get his latest stimulus jobs bill passed. You know, because it worked so well in 2009.

In the latest edition of Crap My Veep Says, Joe Biden says he wishes Republicans knew what rape and murder felt like. Yup, he actually said that.

President Obama continues to push the jobs bill, even as we’re finding out that the 2009 stimulus gave money to electric car company Fisker … who sent jobs to Finland.

Guess what happens when the government takes over health care? Rationing!

And last but not least, Muslim students at the Catholic University of America are peeved that there are crosses on the walls of classrooms where they are allowed to perform their prayers toward Mecca.

Happy clicking reading!

This Wouldn’t Be a Problem If Only I’d Married an FBI Agent

I hate calling people on the phone. I do it when I need to. This will be important later, so store it somewhere in your brain to save yourself the trouble of scrolling up later.

I had this US History and Government teacher in high school that I loved. Seriously. He was awesome. Everyone else hated him, because he did things like kick kids out of class for misbehaving or slam his fist on a desk to get a daydreaming student to pay attention. He taught the first amendment by walking into the center of the classroom (all desks pointed to the center) and shouting the F-bomb at the top of his lungs.

I loved it.

Anyway, there was this one time when we had to do this worksheet in class that had something to do with the gross domestic product and barrels of imported oil or something like that. Due to some sort of typo on the sheet, some key piece of information was missing. I heard him messing with some of the other kids who asked about it, telling them to figure it out.

See why I liked him?

Never one to back down from a challenge I’m sure I can win, I asked if I could use the phone. It was 1999 and pagers, not iPhones, were all the rage. Heck, most Internet was still line-by-line dial-up at that point. So the phone was by far the best and fastest way to get information.

I told you the phone thing would come into play. I hate it and avoid it at all costs, until it becomes absolutely necessary to get what I want.

So I called information and got the number for the Department of Energy. And then I called that number and told them I was doing a school project, and could they please tell me the bit of information I needed to know?

So I turned in my completed worksheet, and my favorite teacher, who seemed to greatly enjoy messing with his students, told me I couldn’t be done, and asked what I had gotten for an answer on that missing-info question. I told him and he looked right at me and asked whom I’d called.

“The Department of Energy.”

He stared at me.

“It’s, uh, in DC. I probably should’ve asked if I could call long distance.”

And then he laughed and gave me a metaphorical slap on the back and basically declared me his favorite student of the year.

That phone call was so worth it.

This post actually has nothing to do with high school or history teachers; it was only a story to illustrate how much I will only pick up the phone and dial someone I don’t know to get something that I really, really want. From the approval of a favorite teacher to getting Thing 2 enrolled in preschool to getting press passes to events I really want to go to.

Like the GOP presidential debate next week at the Reagan Library. Um, yes please, I’ll drive three hours to see the thing in person. Because GOP debate! Reagan Library! Rick Perry (we are like totally buds, you know)! I wanted to go so much that I picked up the phone and called the library to find out who to contact about press passes.

I was given an email address. Yes! I’m good at email! I love email! I did a little happy dance and put together a request and sent it off. A few hours later, I got this response:


Thanks for reaching out.  Due to the security level of the debate, only credentialed media with law enforcement credentials are able to cover the event.  I’m assuming you don’t have these?  I’m sorry if you don’t.

What the heck are law enforcement credentials?? Off to Google! Apparently they are a certain kind of ‘pass’ awarded by law enforcement agents so that reporters can go behind the yellow tape and to presidential debates at the Reagan Library.

Well heck! How do I get me one of those? My fingerprints are clean, I tell you, clean! I’ve never even done drugs! I go to church! Then I read: “Not usually granted to bloggers or opinion writers.”

I knew I should have married this dude.

Well what’s wrong with being opinionated? Freedom of the press! I may have ranted to Leif about it. He may have told me that I needed to make a connection with someone in the FBI. I may have glared accusingly at him and said, “This wouldn’t be a problem if only I’d married an FBI agent.”

He may have responded with, “This wouldn’t be a problem if those pesky presidential candidates weren’t worried about security and assassins.”

I may have won the argument with, “This wouldn’t be a problem if everyone were packing heat.”

As far as the phone is concerned … you win some, you lose some. I will face it another day.


Elsewhere On the Internet

If Thing 2 were here, she’d say, “I on dah airplane!” Because that’s where she would be. Isn’t technology cool? I’m zipping through the sky right now on my way home from the Red State Gathering in Charleston, SC, and I’m posting stuff on my blog. Wonders never cease.

Also? I’m easily amused.

So I wrote some schtuff last week, and I’ll love you forever if you read it all. Or at least I’ll feel amicably toward you. I may even give you a hug next time I see you. I’ll probably give you a hug anyway. I’m one of those people.

Why make laws if they’re not going to be enforced? Even more so, why make laws that only some people have to follow? Way no fair!

The United States’ credit rating got downgraded. Does it mater? Maybe.

30,000 college students in Michigan were on food stamps. And I’m sure none of them had cell phones. Gah.

And lastly, but certainly not leastly (apparently that’s not a word – oh well), Rick Perry formally announced his candidacy for President. Finally something exciting for the Republican primary field!

Happy reading!

Friends and Propaganda at the Zoo

Yesterday we met up with Jon and Angela Gabriel and their two lovely daughters at the San Diego Zoo. It was mega fun, and their seven-year-old declared that she wanted to take Thing 2 home with her for a sister. It was tres adorbs.

One of the must-sees on the girls’ list was the Polar Bear Plunge. Their nine-year-old is a bit of a nature buff, and she really wanted to see the polar bears. The Gabriels live near Phoenix, so it’s not like she’s going to be seeing them there. We made the trek, stopping along the way to check out giraffes and zebras and brokeback camels.



Brokeback Camel (See? I wasn't joking.)

We finally made it to the polar bears. Who were MIA. The zookeeper told Angela that if she spotted one, she was ahead of him. Sigh. But the exhibit is still pretty cool (get it? Cool? Polar bears? Ice? Never mind.), so the girls all had fun.

And of course I had to roll my eyes at this:

Commence eye-roll now

That other station to their left? Here’s what that one said:

"Polar bears had to wait longer than ever to set out to hunt, getting thinner as they waited."

Poor thin dead polar bears. I know! Let’s scare children into thinking they’re killing cuddly fuzzy wittle teddy bears by not living the green life.

I’m sure that won’t financially benefit Al Gore at all.

Thing 1 was concerned about the ice melting. “But what about the polar bears?” She asked me.

“They’ll adapt,” I told her.

“But what if they don’t?”

“Then they won’t. But wouldn’t you try your hardest to survive if your environment changed?”

She nodded.

Then she asked if we could go in the sky buckets.

She’s ADH-oh shiny!