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It’s Friday again, so maybe I’ll just officially move my weekly round-ups to Friday. Except then I probably wouldn’t get around to doing them until Saturday, and that just won’t suit.

So we’ll just call this Thursday and change, kind of like how I’m going to be 29 and change in a year instead of 30. Kapish? Excellent.

This Week at The Stir:

While I was at CPAC, the silly kids from the Occupy crowd tried to cause a ruckus. Jerks. Smelly, smelly jerks. How the media praises them and vilifies the Tea Party makes me ill.

I wrote about Media Matters and their leftest agenda. Which I totally don’t have a problem with, by the way. I do have a huge problem with their bias when they claim 501(c)(3) status as a nonprofit organization. By the way, Instapundit picked this one up. I’m just bragging. That’s all.

Did you hear about the little girl that had her unhealthy turkey sandwich confiscated by a government official? The school replaced her sack lunch with a hot meal from the cafeteria, of which the four-year-old ate three chicken nuggets. Yeah, so that happened.

President Obama wants to cut back our nukes by 80%. Now that’s just plain stupid.

This Week at Moms Matter:

I did a bad, bad thing in the eyes of the feminists. I failed to see how the legal right to end the life of my unborn child is more important than the economy, national security, education, job creation, energy exploration … should I go on?

This Week on Twitter:

Keith Olbermann blocked me, so that was exciting. I feel like I’m part of an exclusive club now. If someone tells me where the meetings are, I’ll bring the wine.

Pretty Girl Shows a Little Leg and Shocks Bloggers

For some strange reason, the conservative blogosphere has spent the last three days debating Tina Korbe’s hemline rather than the bottom line on Barack Obama’s budget. Because, you know, that’s what’s important.

Ohmygosh! A pretty girl wore a skirt! Hold the presses! What could she possibly mean by her wardrobe choices? Is it scandalous? Is she advertising?

Geez louise, the things people say are crazy. The chick has nice legs. She showed them off. The last time I checked, this was America, not Saudi Arabia, and women are allowed to show a little leg.

Tina followed the well-dressed girl’s ‘pick one’ rule, which may be a real thing or something I just made up because I like making up my own rules. The ‘pick one’ rule works like this: Pick one physical attribute to play up a bit, then keep the rest covered up.

It’s part of that whole ‘keeping the mystery alive’ thing that mamas used to teach their daughters.

There’s nothing in the world wrong with being pretty. Any girl can be pretty, because pretty comes from being happy and healthy, with a touch of makeup and some shine serum for your hair. Flattering wardrobe choices help too. Maybe the most important ingredient to the pretty equation is being comfortable in your own skin — comfortable enough to wear a short skirt and show off your gams.

When pretty girls show off their legs, or their shoulders, or a little bit of cleavage (remember, not all at once!), it isn’t an invitation or a proclamation of sluttiness; it’s an announcement that they’re confident, capable ladies who take pride in their appearances.

I can’t speak for all of my female compatriots, but I even enjoy flattery. I’m not offended to be called pretty or hot. I’m not offended that my husband’s nickname for me is Sexy. I like that he notices my looks and approves. It makes me feel pretty, and that is one of the best parts of being a chick. Well, that and we smell better.

Nothing Wrong with Legs (Or Steven Crowder)