GOProud at CPAC: A Broken Zipper Leads to Deep Thoughts on Stereotyping

I’m in Washington D.C. this week for CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference), an annual conferences for conservatives to gather and revel in camaraderie while listening to speakers like Texas Governor Rick Perry, Representative Michele Bachmann, and Mitt Romney tell us how awesome we are.

It’s really fun.

Once the panels and sessions end for the day, everyone heads out to various parties for food and drink. Conservatives like to have fun, after all. One of the social events was a party sponsored by AndrewBreitbart and GOProud featuring Sophie B. Hawkins.

You may remember some of the controversy surrounding GOProud’s involvement with CPAC.

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CPAC Highlights

Meeting Andy Levy, saying, “Hi, I’m Jenny Erikson,” and having him say, “I know.”

Bill Schultz telling me I was adorable. Also the fact that he just laughed when I responded, “I thought you were gay!”

Meeting Tony Katz in the lobby at check-in. In my pajamas. With my pink snuggie under my arm.

Getting my article about Michelle Obama’s gardening boots linked on Fox Nation.

Being promoted from ‘blogger’ to ‘media.’

The Big GOProud party, even though my zipper busted … or maybe especially because of it. It was pretty funny.

Interviewing Richard Dreyfuss about the Dreyfuss Initiative.

The scallops at Georgia Browns. I will fly to DC just to eat scallops at Georgia Browns. If you live in the area, run there as fast as you can. You will not be sorry.

Rooming with Ashley Sewell.

The cabbie that said, “Republicans are elephants, right? And Democrats are donkeys? Donkeys are stupid.”

Watching some dude walk straight into a crotch-level rail. Funniest thing I’ve ever seen.

God bless CPAC and awesome conservatives.

Embarrassing Moments With Jenny at CPAC

Once upon a time I was a gym rat. I’d go, check Thing 1 into the kids’ club, and hit the treadmill with my ipod. I looked like this:

Hawaii 2007

Then Thing 2 was born and she couldn’t go until she was six months old. I could’ve left her with Leif when he was home, but if I was getting out of the house for an hour or two by myself, I certainly wasn’t going to spend the time exercising.

Over the last two years, I’ve gone to the gym here or there, but it’s been sporadic. Add to that my 125 calorie-a-glass wine habit … well, I may have gained three six (ok, fine) nine pounds. Which means that my tighter fitting clothes have pretty much become unwearable.

But. I have this magic dress. It’s black. It’s satin. It’s strapless. It’s corseted and has a cute swingy short skirt. It’s the prettiest dress I own. It might even be the prettiest dress over made. I have never had to purchase my own drink when I’ve been out in my perfect dress. See? I told you it was magic.

The Magic Dress. Oh, and Leif.

I decided to try to squeeze my hiney into the dress for the Big GOProud Party. My friend Ashley Sewell zipped me up. It was tight, but the zipper went up! Breathing is overrated anyway.

I went to the Blogger’s Bash at FreedomWorks to grab some dinner and warm beer (supposed to put that on ice before the party starts, guys), and then caught a ride with a friend to the GOProud party.

As I hoped down from the truck, I felt something pop. Then I felt air enter my chest.


The hook popped off, and without that, the zipper wouldn’t stay up. GayPatriot tried to help me, and I believe his exact words were, “Yeah … this zipper isn’t going to stay up.” Thankfully, I had a cute coat, and the dress was snug enough to not fall completely off.

When I get back to San Diego, I’m hitting the gym.

Right Wing Boycotters Should Welcome Gay Republicans at CPAC

Several ultra-right-wing groups are boycotting CPAC in 2011 because of the inclusion of the gay conservative group GOProudCPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) is held annually inWashington, D.C., and is a mecca for conservative activists to convene and commingle.

Conservatives are not a bunch of old white guys. Contrary to popular belief, the Republican Party is very diverse, and encompasses many groups not typically associated with the GOP. Take me for example: As a blonde twenty-something Californian, I should be a Democrat.

GOProud is another break in the conservative stereotype. Its websitestates that the group members are “conservatives who believe in limited government, individual liberty, free markets, a strong national defense and a confident foreign policy.” That’s standard Republican stuff, but what makes GOProud so interesting is that they represent gay conservatives and their allies.

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