ACORN Keeps its Contracts

Have you heard of ACORN?  Come on, I know you have.  Have you heard of President Obama?  He worked for ACORN.  He said many times throughout the campaign how much he supported ACORN, and how much he owed to the organization for helping him be all that he could be as a community organizer.

ACORN got put in the hot seat a few months ago for instructing a couple on how to set up a brothel of underage and illegal slave girls.  Congress rightfully (in my opinion) voted to deny future funds to ACORN until further investigation.  Which brought about an interesting question: Does ACORN still get the money promised to them by the federal government before the ban occured?

Today, the Attorney General’s Office concluded that ACORN cold continue to receive taxpayer money.

Which of course, being a taxpayer, got me hoping mad.  As I usually do, I started muttering to myself and sat down to write a blog post.  My husband overheard me muttering, and we got into an interesting conversation about whether or not ACORN should continue to receive funds despite the overwhelming evidence of corruption and the fact that 90 percent-ish of Congress voted to strike funding from ACORN.

“But it’s WRONG!”  I asserted.

“But it’s a CONTRACT,” my darling, play-by-the-book husband responded.



Which got me thinking…  Whether or not ACORN should continue to receive funds because of the contracts promised it, shouldn’t the government be a bit more careful about who it promises contracts to in the future?  Maybe take a look at the organizations that will benefit from the trillions of dollars racing out of our pockets and into special interest groups and lobbyists under the disguise of “affordable health care” or a “clean air act.”

Maybe the government, the media, the American people should take some time to investigate the groups that will recieve so much of our money before the bills are rushed through in midnight votes and the contracts are signed.

Because some of us don’t appreciate our tax money funding slavery.


In case you haven’t heard (and you probably haven’t, since even seasoned reporter Charlie Gibson hadn’t heard), the Senate voted yesterday to freeze all tax-payer funds going to ACORN. This comes after the United States Census Bureau told the group to take a hike a few days ago.

What is ACORN anyway?  It is the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now; that little organization of community organizers organizing for an organized life. It’s also where President Obama began his career.  It mainly functions to help people fill out forms (voter registration, welfare applications, housing grants, etc.). Sounds pretty innocuous, doesn’t it?

Except that ACORN seems to be less about organized communities than it is about organized crime.

ACORN is currently being investigated in 17 states for voter registration fraud. That means that people working for ACORN registered fake people to vote. Since you don’t have to show ID to vote, people can vote several times. Vote early and vote often!

Even with the numerous voter fraud allegations, ACORN was still receiving big fat checks from the government, thanks to the up to 4 billion dollars approved by that stimulus bill that was supposed to save the economy (remember the good old days when unemployment was 7%? Thank goodness we’ve been pulled back from the brink).  Not only was ACORN still receiving tax-payer money so they could sign more and more people up for welfare instead of teaching them how to fill out a job application, they were also partnering with the U. S. Census Bureau to produce the 2010 census.

Why is counting people such a big deal?  Isn’t that what the census is?  Counting people?  The census is a big deal because the results are used to allocate Congressional seats, electoral votes, and government program funding.  Since we know that many ACORN workers don’t have issues making up fake people, what would stop them from making up fake people in highly liberal locations, in order to get more representatives in that area and therefore more voting power in Congress?

The U. S. Census Bureau finally woke up and severed its ties with the corrupt organization.  The Senate also woke up and voted to freeze funds to ACORN pending further investigation into it’s criminal activities.

So what was the alarm clock that had people waking up?

ACORN was caught on video helping a young couple fill out an application for a housing grant.  The woman said that she was a prostitute, and the ACORN employee told her that she should put “performing artist” under occupation.  The couple then told the ACORN employee that they would be using the house as a brothel filled with thirteen year old South American girls.  The advice given to the couple?  Don’t claim more than three of them as dependents, and don’t declare any of their income.  Did your stomach just sink to your knees reading that?  Mine did typing it out.

This story is as disgustingly and deliciously evil as they come. Political controversy. Tax evasion. Underage prostitution.  Kidnapping (thirteen year olds don’t volunteer to be prostitutes, I’m pretty sure). It is the epitome of corruption and sleaze. It’s the sort of story that grips you and makes you yell at the TV and makes you ache with the knowledge of so much evil in the world.

Yet the main stream media isn’t covering it.

Why not?