New Chapter

It’s 8:22 a.m., and I have the next six and a halfish hours to myself. No one asking for a third cup of chocolate milk, no one throwing a tantrum because it’s nap time, no one asking me where something is, only to have me get up and find it exactly where I said it would be.

I’ve been home from Boston for almost two weeks, but this is the first day of the New Normal. The girls were out of school for the entire week of Thanksgiving, and even though they went back yesterday, we had a parent-teacher conference at 11:30, then Leif was home the rest of the day.

Side note: Thing 2 is doing extremely well in K-prep. Her cognitive skills rock. Also, her teacher says she shares well and doesn’t get her feelings hurt easily, to which Leif and I asked, “Who??” 

Anyway. This is my first day where I can just get crap done. And oh boy, do I have a laundry list. And laundry. That needs to get done too. And I need to finish Christmas decorating. Write some things. Call some people about a job. Maybe I’ll even have it together to have snacks ready for when we get home from school.

I’ve always heard that it’s life changing when your littlest starts fulltime school — and even though I’m only 20 minutes into it, it’s kinda awesome.

This morning when I went to buckle Thing 2 into her carseat (because they have to stay in them until they’re old enough to drive the car themselves in California — it least it seems like that), she told me that she could do it herself. I rolled my eyes and then watched in disbelief as she did it herself. For nine years, I’ve watched with naked envy those moms that could just tell their kids to get into the car without having to buckle them all up.

I’m officially in the Mom of School-Aged Children Who Can Buckle Themselves Into the Car Club.

Don’t even think about asking me when I’m going to have another baby.


  1. Jenny, when I read your comment about kids needing to stay in carseats until they’re old enough to drive the car themselves, I laughed so hard I nearly needed medical attention. Thanks for the chuckle — and welcome to the new normal.

  2. Ashley says:

    Welcome back to the new normal! I must admit, that I, too, suffered from the jaw on the floor syndrome when reading about Thing 2. Perhaps she’s really an undercover agent, you know, like Agent P – one person when you’re looking, another when you’re not. I’m glad you’re back, now let’s do this thing. LEEEEROOYYYY JENNNNKINSSSS!

  3. Pamela Smith says:

    It’s the lazy moms like me that have independent kids. I was too pregnant to want to reach my daughter’s buckle, so she did it at two and a half. I wasn’t getting on the floor to do shoes past 18 months for either. They’ve been cooking since age 9. There’s one way laziness pays off.

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