Top 7 for the Week of September 7, 2012

This week, Ashley and I had technical difficulties, and by that I mean that I spilled my drink all over my keyboard in the opening moments of the show. Live radio … gotta love it. Once we got everything figured out, we chatted about:

  1. The August Jobs Report (It Sucks)
  2. Democrats Say Radio Row Is Too Scary
  3. ‘Feel Good’ Sales Go Up In a Bad Economy
  4. Dirty Jobs‘ Mike Rowe Writes an Open Letter to Mitt Romney
  5. Football & Gay Marriage: Shut Up and Play, or Hollywood Does It All the Time?
  6. For Teenagers: Smoking OK, Prostitution Bad
  7. Nickelodeon’s Mega Twitter Fail & Even More Ridiculous “Apology”

Plus we have a dirty joke, a Dude of the Week, a guest rant, and no song because technology failed me today.

Happy listening!

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