Top 7 For the Week of August 10th

This week, Ashley and I talked about:

  1. Why Chicks Shouldn’t Be NFL Officials #WarOnWomyn
  2. Gas Prices: The Story Dedicated to All the Moms at the Beach
  3. Elton John Bitch Slaps Madonna … Only Figuratively, Which Is Too Bad
  4. Romney Killed Someone’s Wife … and Probably Puppies Too
  5. Mary Gonzales: W. T. F!
  6. Smuggy Fareed Zakaria Gets Suspended for Plagiarism
  7. Wait for it….Screw Chick-fil-A, Let’s Boycott Papa John’s Next!

Plus we have a rant, a dirty joke, and a Dude of the Week. And we have a special announcement about a new project starting Monday.

Happy listening!

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