Happy 10th Anniversary to My Darling Husband Leif

Look! Pink flowers!

I have loved sharing anniversary posts with you guys. I started two years ago on our eighth anniversary with a list of 25 reasons I loved Leif. Last year I wrote about my freak-out at the top of the aisle. This year, on our tenth anniversary, I want to tell you about the pink blossoms.

We are in Hawaii right now – Waikiki, to be exact – and I have seen so many pink-blossomed trees. Pink makes me happy, mmmkay? It makes me so happy that I picked it as one of our wedding colors. Black, silver, and pink. Elegant. Lovely.

Side note: A few weeks before our wedding, I sent Leif to the tux shop to get measured. He said he didn’t care what I’d picked out for him, so long as it was blue. Um, hi, Honey? Remember months ago when we talked colors and you said black, silver, and pink sounded wonderful? No blue tuxedo. Silly grooms.

The week before our wedding, there was a heat wave rolling through San Diego. Nelly’s It’s Getting Hot In Here was the number one song on the charts, and I had to agree with him. I was so miserable with the hot humidity I was actually tempted on several occasions to take off all my clothes.

Our wedding day, and our planned al fresco dinner party reception, grew nearer and nearer, as the heat topped the charts in the triple digits. I was too nervous about this monumental step I was taking to overly worry about my guests, but it was there in my mind. I don’t want everyone to be miserably hot at my wedding!

The morning of the 13th, I woke up so tired from spending the night before printing out the bulletins (maybe that can be next year’s story?), but when I opened the patio door of my parents’ house, I was hit with a cool breeze. The heat wave had broken.

The wedding wasn’t until six pm, but I stopped by the chapel and reception site to lend my hand to the last minute details. Family friends were busy stringing up twinkle lights into the courtyard trees where our guests would be dining mere hours later. Overnight, as the heat wave had broken, the trees had blossomed with deliriously wonderful pink flowers.

It was an encouragement I have always held onto: Even when things seem bleak and unpleasant … there’s always the possibility of pink blooms on the morrow. Thank you for so many flowers over the last decade.

Happy anniversary, My Love.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Don’t mean to be rude, but did you really mean any of this? And nine months later, you suddenly decided you’d been unhappy for years, right?

  2. What happened!!!! Who did you meet in the last 9 months that has turned you on so much that you unilaterally filed for divorce.

    I know you can’t be honest and tell us but something had to happen. Either you’ve been living a lie for most of your marriage or some man entered the picture who you’re strongly attracted to. Who is that man. Is he really HOT HOT HOT enough for you to break your wedding vows and emotionally damage your children. What kind of mom could do that. You obviously have no conscience.

    One question I’m sure your audience is dyeing to know is: Was it his hot looks? Does he make a lot of Money. Is he strong and confident? Is he a charismatic pastor? Is he socially dominant? What is it?? We are all dyeing to know.

    Please, you can tell us, really you can. We won’t judge you. We just have to know who swept you off your feet and ravished you. If not physically then emotionally. Please, we can keep a secret. We just have to know.

  3. Whooops, The correct word is dying not “dyeing”

  4. @ Anonymous.

    Clearly, she did NOT mean any of this post.

    Presumably divorce drama gets better ‘likes’ on facebook & twitter than an article about loving your husband.

    This script is getting both dated & tired.
    We get it..
    Women Good. Men Bad.

    There is scarcely anything I can imagine short of adultery that would sink a 10 year marriage in 9 months.

    More likely (entirely likely) she was hitting 30…….and wanted to go re-live the glory days of her 20s.

    A story is written in the Hamster brain, (I am Unhaaaapppyy!),
    Blame is assigned (It’s HIS fault, society’s fault, or Men’s fault in general).
    Four peoples lives are thrown under a bus.

    Read it, saw the movie, got the T-shirt. It has been rehashed to death by 50% of women.
    Two thumbs down.

    You really are a terrible writer Jenny.

  5. Jenny, I seriously don’t know anything about you and I certainly don’t agree with your politics or religious beliefs. I was sent here from a reddit link. But I am fairly certain that the other person commenting on here is your (soon to be ex-) husband. I have never seen anyone take a blog post so personally, and be outraged that someone could still love someone they have been married to for 10 years and also be fed up enough to get a divorce. Since all the posts accuse you of adultery, I can assume your husband decided that his own faults aren’t enough for you to need a divorce. it’s called blame transference and it sounds like he has some real passive aggressive issues. I would just tell you that the fact that he posted under a few names would lead me to believe that he might be unstable. I would just recommend caution when dealing with him.

    • ProudFather says:

      ” I would just recommend caution when dealing with him.”

      A guy who buys his scheming ex-wife a new Keuring is… UNSTABLE?

      Cripes, “BLAME TRANSFERENCE” ?!! Sorry snowflake, sounds like Jenny is the one with instability issues.

    • That is some spectacular Rationalization Hamster action right there. Marriage Strike, Dating Strike, Baby Strike, none of it would be possible without your kind! Please post more, so that all the men out there will know what to expect in the future should they decide to marry.

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