Twitter Fun & Creepiness with #ILikeObamacare & #Gen44

On Friday, I had a lot of fun on Twitter with the #ILikeObamacare hashtag initiated by Team Obama to celebrate the second anniversary of the passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare). As predicted, conservatives took over the thread, offering sarcastic reasons for why they liked Obamacare.

Here are some tweets that I sent out, just to give you a feeling for the game:

Because crappy care for all is better than excellent care for ANYONE willing to pay their bills. #ILikeObamacare

Because people w/ weight problems should have their care limited. Just like in Britain. #ILikeObamacare

#ILikeObamacare Because the DMV is AWESOME.

One of my favorite tweets I saw was from my friend Jon Gabriel, who said, #ILikeObamacare because a guy who can’t even protect a Twitter hashtag thread should be great at protecting my health.”

Then I got caught up in life getting ready for Thing 2’s birthday on Saturday, driving Thing 1 to and from a birthday party, and hosting an impromptu dinner party, because hey, why not?

Way too much fun was had at dinner Friday night, so I woke up with a fairly wicked hangover on Saturday morning. Whoops. All of my energy went into making Thing 2’s morning at the farmer’s market special, wrapping presents, and generally showering her with birthday love.

I finally hopped on Twitter yesterday evening to see what was going on, and I noticed a new hashtag flying by: #Gen44. So I asked my followers what the deal was, and they said it was the latest fail from Team Obama. I forced myself over to, where I learned that Gen44 is the under-40 demographic.

So what’s the deal with the 44?

Barack Obama is the 44th President of the United States. I felt slightly nauseated. So I tweeted, “I threw up in my mouth a little upon discovering that Obama has named my generation after himself. #gen44

Seriously, you guys, this is not cool. This dude is so egotistical and out of touch with reality that it’s kinda scary. Obama wants us under-40s to volunteer our time, efforts, and cash to “ensure that President Obama and Democrats have the resources and infrastructure needed to implement the change we believe in.”

A movement shouldn’t be about a leader; it should focus on a cause. How do we know what President Obama really feels or wants for our country? He is always saying one thing and doing another. No one knows where he stands on anything. Why would an entire generation place their faith and trust in one man, and even refer to themselves by his moniker?

What does the president mean when he says we need to ensure that he has the resources needed to bring about change? What kind of change? What happened to compromise, and all that across-the-aisle stuff they’re always touting? Is Obama saying that Gen44 needs to rally together to obliterate the Republicans? That sounds a bit totalitarian, if you ask me.

I am not comfortable handing over resources to one person so that they can ‘change things’ and ‘take care of me.’ I’d rather my president step back, rein in the government from interfering with my life and finances, and trust me to make the best decisions for myself and my family.

I am not Gen44. I am Generation Independent.


  1. Rocin says:

    I think he meant to abbreviate “genius”

  2. Beka says:

    “A movement shouldn’t be about a leader; it should focus on a cause.”
    Well said!

    I enjoy very much (perhaps much more than I ought) how these hashtags the Obama administration sets up become the very thing that gives conservatives a platform and a voice.

  3. I don’t think we need to have chosen Obama’s republican opponent before a generalized, yet truthful ad could be created. Just throw up a television ad with something sharing semblance with the Hope and Change image, and have Obama’s picture fading out of it…

  4. Cindy says:

    Gen44 are you serious? I’m with you in that it’s downright scary that all our resources are in the hand of one guy who says one thing and does another.

  5. Scarlett says:

    I wanted to wrap my arms around this post and give it a hug! Is there any chance at all the Supreme Court will strike the law down?? Its seems like a no brainer…..but we ARE dealing with unscrupulous liberals after all.

    • .but we ARE dealing with unscrupulous liberals after all.

      I wouldn’t go so far as to say that all liberals are unscrupulous. I don’t trust Obama any farther than I can throw him, but I also don’t think it’s fair to put all liberals under an umbrella.

      I’m sure that many of them have their hearts in the right places. It’s just also a fact that I disagree with some of the things they think will be helpful to both America and Americans.

      Name calling doesn’t help the concept of open, positive dialogue. Even if the name calling isn’t directly happening to somebody’s face.

  6. Rob Schick says:

    Thankyou for attending the O’keefe seminar in San Diego…You were Terrific…Never give up..never give in to the haters…You speak the truth..and they can’t handle the Truth..!
    Here’s a quote from Edward Hale….Helen Keller’s friend you might take heart in…..” I’m only one person…I can’t do everything…but I can do something…I will not let the fact that I can’t do everything…prevent me from doing what I can ” ! Take care..God Bless and protect you and your Loved ones..!

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