So. I was on the Roger Hedgecock Show today, even though he’s on vacation. Brett Winterble was filling in for him, and he’s kinda awesome all on his own, so I was still nervous.

I got a note yesterday asking if I’d be interested in going on the show to talk about the Harvard study on childhood obesity and parental rights. I had actually just emailed my editor at’s The Stir to ask if I could write on that topic, so it seemed like planets were aligning or something.

Plus, you know, the whole, “Would you like to be on a nationally syndicated talk radio show?” thing. Um … Yes!

I’ve meet Brett (and Roger too, as a matter of fact) a time or two, and he’s a super nice guy. And good at what he does. And, when I went to that live taping a couple of weeks ago, I got to meet his daughter who is about Thing 1’s age. The two of them hit it off like peas in a pod, and you could just tell by how sweet and polite and respectful she was that Brett is a good dad. And in my book, good dads = good men (generally).

I got an email from Brett last night asking if I’d like to talk about the debt ceiling as well, and did I have any other topics that I’m passionate about? Sure, I can talk about the debt ceiling, why not? Also, I’m passionate about getting moms to pay attention to politics, because let’s face it … it’s our children that are being most affected by this spending nonsense in congress.

So I called into the show with the number I was given. And the dude answering the phone was not expecting my call. Ack! Like I needed a reason to be more nervous. I finally got on with Brett … and he didn’t ask me a single thing about the childhood obesity thing.

Which means I was very glad I’d done my homework and even watched the press conference from Hades this morning. I’m sort of immersed in this stuff anyway, and usually able to talk about whatever anyone can pull out of their hat, and I’m not afraid to give the caveat, “I don’t know much about that, but here’s what I think…”

Anyway, all of this to say that I was glad I was up-to-date on a variety of topics. The more you know… the more you won’t sound like an idiot on the radio! And extra knowledge isn’t a bad thing to have. Because I’m sure I’ll have 18 zillion calls soon to have me do a radio guest spot. Or something.

I’ll always have my eight readers. I love you guys. <3

Update- here’s the podcast of the show. I come in at 24 minutes. Enjoy!


  1. TheWife says:

    is there a podcast archive of the radio show?

  2. Beth says:

    I waited all day to listen online (I live on the east coast), got bummed because it wasn’t Roger and then double bummed because Brett didn’t ask you one thing about what you said you would be talking about! But you did great, sounded great and answered his questions without a single “um”! Hope to hear you again soon!

  3. Jenny says:

    Wife- updated.

    Beth- I was bummed too! But I have an article on it coming out soon, so you can at least read my thoughts on it…

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