While I try not to judge others, occasionally I come across something that makes me stop and say to myself, “Wow. That’s disturbing.” Such a moment happened this week when I stumbled upon a story about Adult Babies. Fully grown humans that like to wear diapers, sleep in giant cribs, and suck on pacifiers.

If I can’t say this is weird, then I might as well not be able to call the sky blue, because that stuff is messed up.

Thanks to the Internet and prime-time network television (hello CSI and the “Furries” episode!), I’ve become aware of some of the stranger oddities that people sometimes choose to indulge in. Being someone that doesn’t understand the appeal of defecating in a giant diaper or putting on a bunny suit to get it on, I’m always strangely fascinated by these people.

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  1. Steve says:

    And he did say that if they took his SSD away he would shoot himself. Now that shows he is unstable and should be committed.

    That said now to this jackass, There are people that cannot walk have all sorts of disabilities and are denied 2-3 times and yet this jackass gets disability??? The judge that issued this should be fired immediately and he should be thrown off SSD and he should be made to pay the money back.

    this is so unbelievable, that this man (or what would you call him) wants to crap his pants suck on a bottle and sit in a high chair. I am actually at a loss for words a this.

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