Someone needs to explain this to me. A lawyer perhaps. Maybe a cop. Because I do. Not. Understand.

John Albert Gardner III forcefully raped and brutally murdered two beautiful teenage girls. He watched as the life drained from their terrified eyes, and hid their abused bodies in shallow graves. He took their lives and destroyed those of their family and friends. He shook the trust of a community. MY community.

He’s flat out admitted that he killed them. He raped them both. He stabbed Amber. He strangled Chelsea. He got rid of their bodies. Didn’t manage to get rid of Chelsea’s DNA though. And through a plea bargain, he led the police to Amber’s body.

The plea bargain basically said that he would avoid the death penalty if he pled guilty and revealed the location on Amber’s body.

He will now serve three life sentences, two of them without parole (The third is for an attempted attack on another woman that managed to escape). Chelsea’s parents agreed to the conditions because they knew the Dubois family needed closure, and the death penalty is an empty promise in California anyway.

Why is it an empty promise?

Why can’t we kill these demented perverts?

Why do they have more rights under the law than their victims did?

Why can’t the cops and lawyers make a plea bargain stating, “If you plead guilty and give up the location of Amber’s body, you can have a painless injection. If you don’t, we’ll fry you. Or hang you. Or chop parts of you off and let you bleed to death. Your choice.”

That’s a plea bargain I can get behind.

Life without parole isn’t good enough.

James Moore was spared the death penalty in 1962 after raping and murdering a 14 year old girl. Thanks to a change in the law, he’s now eligible for parole every two years.

In 1966, Kenneth McDuff killed a couple of teenage boys, then raped and killed one of those boy’s girlfriend. He got a life sentence. And was let out in 1989 when prisons were overflowing. He went on to rape and kill at least nine other women. We’ll never really know how many.

Willie Horton.

Clarence Ray Allen.

And many, many more.

Life without parole doesn’t cut it. Kill him.

Kill him dead.

And that’s how I feel about that.


  1. Anna says:

    That is freaking horrific. Sad state of affairs. =(

  2. Shawn Wilson says:

    Dear Jenny,
    I AGREE!!! The fact that we have people going around and saying that the death penalty is wrong or even unbiblical I must quote the following verse:

    Gen. 9:6
    “Whoever sheds the blood of man, by man shall his blood be shed; for in the image of God has God made man.”

    I think that speaks pretty plainly!! If it were me and that happened to my son or daughter you can guarantee that he would get the death penalty whether the court gave it to him or not!! I live close to the Mississippi River and it’s real easy to dump a body there!!

    On a lighter note, GREAT BLOG!!!

    Much love,

  3. Andrew O'Neill says:

    You know I know I told you, I wouldn’t write here anymore, but allow me to change my previous statement if you will. I will no longer argue here anymore.

    I just wanted to say that I 100% agree with this one. I am furious that the prick will live. I can only pray that he gets beaten and raped by an extremely well endowed inmate and then killed slowly in prison. I know it won’t happen because he will be protected by the prisons.

    I believe 1st degree murderers, especially rapists, and molesters (Even more especially, the ones who do it to children) should be executed, and given no pain killers in the lethal injection. I think they should be sent from this world as painfully as those they took from it.

  4. Thomas O. says:

    The monster should be put to death… but there might be a chance that other inmates may do that for us, if the supposed prison pecking order is any indication (that they do horrible stuff to child molesters/murderers).

  5. Milton Burton says:

    Jenny, McDuff got the death penalty in the 1960s case; not life. He was commuted automatically to life when the Supreme Court pronounced the temporary ban on the death penalty in about 1972. He was paroled in 1989 because our right wing governor, Bill Clements, was pressuring the parole board to comply with federal dictates on prison overcrowding. He had killed three people before his 1989 parole.

    Milton T. Burton
    Tyler, Texas

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